What does Purple Shampoo do to Brown Hair?

What does Purple Shampoo do to Brown Hair

Purple shampoo is a staple beauty product that is usually in the bathrooms of people who dye their hair. It can be daunting to know what products to use, if any, after you have dyed your hair, and you may be new to the whole process. Dyeing your hair lighter colors requires upkeep, especially if your hair is darker. Purple shampoo is perfect for blonde hair, but what happens if you use it on brown hair? In this article, we will answer all of your questions about purple shampoo and the risks of using it on brown hair. 

What is Purple Shampoo? 

Purple shampoo is exactly what it says on the bottle. It is a purple shampoo that is dark violet purple in color, and thick in consistency. It is made by all sorts of different brands, in foam or liquid. However, all purple shampoo does the same thing. Purple shampoo contains a purple pigment which ensures your hair stays cool-toned, rather than brassy and orange. Purple shampoo is typically used for blonde hair because yellow and purple are at the opposite ends of the color spectrum, meaning the purple will cancel any orange and yellow tinges out. Once using purple shampoo, blonde hair tends to look more ‘platinum’, with a more natural appearance. 

What does Purple Shampoo do to Brown Hair?

Purple shampoo is not typically used on brown hair, but it can be used for brown hair with blonde highlights. Purple shampoo is not a dye, so it will not permanently stain your hair purple, but the pigment will cling to the lighter colors in your hair. If you use purple shampoo on brown hair with blonde lightened highlights, the purple shampoo will simply rejuvenate the blonde and keep the blonde looking cooler, taking out any unwanted yellow tones. 

If your hair is brown all over, purple shampoo will definitely not dye it a different color, so not to worry. It is likely that brown hair eventually will show tones of brassiness, and will need the occasional brightening treatment. By putting purple shampoo on brown hair, it will simply neutralize the warm reddish tones that brown hair has. It will not be as noticeable on brown hair, and it will not affect the color greatly. All in all, you are not gaining much, but are not losing anything by putting purple shampoo on brown hair, apart from rejuvenating those warmer tones (which is presumably what you want if you are using purple shampoo). 

Does Purple Shampoo Fade Hair Dye? 

Purple shampoo will definitely not fade hair dye, but will simply change the tones. For example, if you have recently bleached your hair blonde from dark brown, it will appear brassy, and slightly orange. Putting purple shampoo on your hair when it is brassy will not fade the blonde hair dye, but it will simply neutralize the orange tones that you probably did not want. If you use purple shampoo on freshly dyed red hair, it will act in the same way, neutralising any harsh orange tones that may come with the red. Imagine a color spectrum, and purple shampoo balancing out the yellow with a silvery undertone. Well, this is essentially how the pigment acts on most hair colors. 

Will my Hair Turn Green from Purple Shampoo?

Purple shampoo will certainly not turn your hair green, no matter what color it is dyed. The purple pigment has no association with a green color, as the pigment seeks to neutralize any orange and yellow tones. If your hair is a bright blonde that has tinges of yellow, the purple will turn silvery rather than green. It is understandable to assume it may turn green because yellow and blue would produce a green color, but the shampoo has a specific purple pigment that ensures it does not do this. 

What does Purple Shampoo do to Brown Hair
What does Purple Shampoo do to Brown Hair

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How does Purple Shampoo Work? 

Purple shampoo contains a purple pigment. When applied to light hair, the purple color will attach to the yellow or brassy tones in the blonde hair, neutralizing the yellowness. Purple will counteract the brassy tones with a silver undertone. 

Does Purple Shampoo work on Natural, Non-Dyed Hair?

Absolutely. Purple shampoo can benefit un-dyed hair because it contains pigments that accentuate the blonde tones of hair. If you are using purple shampoo on naturally brown hair, it will not do much at all. However, if you use purple shampoo on natural and un-dyed blonde hair, it will eliminate any unwanted darker tones. It is best not to use purple shampoo too often on naturally light hair as it may stain the hair silver for longer than expected. 

How Long do I Leave Purple Shampoo in my Hair? 

You can wash your hair with purple shampoo and wash it out almost immediately if you desire, but the effect will be underwhelming. Purple shampoo is natural drying for your hair, so it is best not to use the shampoo everyday. When using purple shampoo, leave it in the hair for up to twenty minutes, as this will be sure to eliminate those brassy tones. 

Why is Purple Shampoo Dry? 

Purple shampoo can be drying for your hair if you leave it on for too long or do not wash it out properly. This is because of the pigment that sticks to the blonde. Make sure to wash it out properly and use conditioner afterwards. This will prevent your hair from feeling brittle and dry.

Is there a Purple Shampoo for Brunette Hair? 

Purple shampoo is not as effective on brown hair as it is on blonde hair. However, blue shampoo is the shampoo that is perfect for brunettes. It works in the same way as purple shampoo. Blue is opposite red or orange on the color wheel, so the blue pigment in blue shampoo cancels out any reddish or orange tones that are naturally occurring in brown hair. Blue shampoo ensures that brown hair stays chocolatey brown, rather than reddish brown. 

How do you Lighten Brown Hair without Bleach?

If you are looking to lighten your hair but do not want to use bleach, there are a few ways to help along this process. If your hair is brown, it is important to know that you will not get blonde hair from using these tips. After naturally lightening your hair with these tips, a wash or two with purple shampoo will be sure to help your hair appear even lighter as a brunette. 

Firstly, sunshine is one of the best ways to naturally lighten dark hair. The UV rays in the sunshine will naturally bleach your hair. To add, water also accelerates the process of lightening with the sun, so a dip in the pool may be a great idea! 

Secondly, lemon juice will help lighten your brown hair. Lemon juice is very acidic, and contains natural acids. By applying lemon juice to your hair, it will naturally look lighter. You can also apply lemon juice to your hair and sit in the sun for extra lightness! 

Chamomile is also a great way to lighten your dark locks. Brew a large cup of chamomile tea and allow it to cool. Apply the tea to your hair in highlighted sections, or submerge your hair into the tea to accentuate your natural golden tones. 

Lastly, vinegar has been known to lighten brown hair. Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar are great options for this tip. Rinse your hair in vinegar, followed by cold water. This will revitalise your hair and wallow the color to come through. Make sure to use conditioner afterwards, because the natural acidity in the vinegar may be drying on your hair. 

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Final Thoughts: 

Purple shampoo is a great invention that is designed to counteract yellow and orange tones in blonde hair. By all means, it is safe to use on brown hair, but it may not have any effect at all. However, with the invention of blue shampoo, there are things you can do to naturally accentuate your brown hair and allow the cooler and golden tones to shine through.