How Long Does b.tan Last?

how long does b tan last

b.tan products will last up to seven days when they are applied correctly and the skin has been properly prepped. This is one of the most important things to remember if you want a long lasting and even tan. Read more →

The Best Self-Tanning Products

Tanned Woman in Colorful Bikini with Tropical Drink

Self Tanning Guide and Product Reviews. Answers to Questions: Can you mix self tanning lotion with regular lotion? Does Self Tanning Lotion Expire? Best Moisturizer to Use before Selt Tanning and more. Read more →

Does Tanning Oil Work?

Does Tanning Oil Work

A glowing, golden tan can make you look healthier and is great for the summer months. There are several different ways to achieve this lovely glow, like tanning lotion, tanning foam, and gradual tan moisturizer. Another of those methods is tanning oils. But what are tanning oils? Do they work? And how do you use... Read more →

Does Isle Of Paradise Stain Sheets?

Does Isle of Paradise Stain Sheets (3)

The Isle of Paradise Water Tanning solution works by including color correcting actives such as peach to cancel out certain color tones like red to make sure that the tan creates the color it is supposed to upon the skin. Read more →

How To Apply Self-Tanner To Back

How To Apply Self-Tanner To Back

Self-tanner can be a lifesaver, especially during the winter months. It’s a great way to get that sunkissed, bronzed beach bunny look without having to be exposed to harmful UV rays. And although self-tanner is relatively easy to apply, you may find yourself running into trouble when it comes to tanning your back, especially if... Read more →