How To Use Wild Growth Hair Oil

How To Use Wild Growth Hair Oil

Sometimes, our hair doesn’t always look its best.

It can be dry, brittle, damaged, or just not as shiny as we’d like it to be.

In our efforts to try and fix this to gain long, luscious locks, we end up spending a lot of dollars on hair shampoos and conditioners that do not end up fixing much.

Unfortunately, feeling self-conscious about our hair can be a huge blow to our confidence and self-esteem.

This is where wild growth oil comes in handy. Wild growth hair oil is an excellent hair care product that helps to promote longer, healthier, and silkier hair.

It also helps if you are experiencing problems with hairline changes, hair loss, or hair thinning.

So, if you want to look in the mirror and see healthy, stronger hair, read on to find out more about how to use the Wild Growth hair oil and witness its amazing results!

What Ingredients Are In Wild Growth Hair Oil?

Wild Growth hair oil is full of natural ingredients! Firstly, the hair oil contains three bases, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and olive oil.

All of these oils are wonderful for conditioning and hair hydration.

In addition to the jojoba oil, coconut oil, and olive oil base, Wild Growth hair oil contains pumpkin seed oil, rice bran, and essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender, clary sage, frankincense, and peppermint.

There are other sometimes other essential oils present in the ingredients list but this can differ between products.

Does Wild Growth Hair Oil Work?

In short, yes! Wild Growth hair oil has proven results for many customers in need.

However, it is important to remember that while many people have seen changes soon after using the product, it may take some time to see any results.

If you stop using the products, this will stop any progress being made to your hair.

For the best results, it is important to be patient and to use the product consistently.

How To Know If Wild Growth Hair Oil Is Safe To Use?

Before you add a new product to your hair care routine, it is best to test it out to ensure it’s safe for you to use.

When it comes to Wild Growth Hair Oil, it is best to section off a small part of your hair to test the oil.

This is known as a patch test, and it is best done behind your ear, or on an unnoticeable part of your hair.

By doing the patch test, you will be able to see if your hair or scalp will have a bad reaction to the Wild Growth hair oil.

Once you have put some of the oil onto a section of your hair, wait two days to see if there are any changes.

If there are no noticeable changes, then you can go ahead and use the Wild Growth hair oil on the rest of your hair!

How To Wash Your Hair With Wild Growth Hair Oil

How To Wash Your Hair With Wild Growth Hair Oil

Now that your patch test is done, it is time to add the Wild Growth hair oil to your hair care routine.

Firstly, you should begin the process by using your Wild Growth hair oil once a week only. You should aim to increase your use of it over the course of the first month.

By the end of the first month, you should be using your Wild Growth hair oil around three times a week.

Different hair types require different steps when it comes to using the Wild Growth hair oil Here are some examples:

For Wavy And Straight Hair

  1. Mix the product well before use.
  2. Mix 5-20 drops of the Wild Growth oil into your usual shampoo. It is a good idea to use more hair oil if you use heat to dry and style your hair.
  3. Wet your hair.
  4. Begin massaging the shampoo-hair oil mixture into your hair.
  5. Wash the product out of your hair.
  6. Take a towel and lightly dry hair.
  7. If you use heat to dry and style your hair, you can go ahead and use a blow dryer and your styling products.
  8. Wait for some beautiful hair growth!

For Afro Hair

  1. Mix the product well before use.
  2. Massage the Wild Growth oil into your hair and begin detangling it.
  3. Wait for around 15-30 minutes.
  4. After your 15-30 minutes are up, wet your hair..
  5. To prevent any Wild Growth oil buildup on your scalp, it is a good idea to use a deep cleansing shampoo. We cannot get enough of this clarifying shampoo here!

How To Condition Your Hair With Wild Growth Hair Oil

You can also use Wild Growth hair oil as part of your hair conditioning routine in just a few simple steps:

  • Wet and shampoo your hair as normal.
  • Apply around 2-3 drops of Wild Growth oil to your damp hair and scalp.
  • Using a wide-toothed comb, begin to detangle your hair.
  • Once your hair is detangled, let it dry and then style away!

How To Use Wild Growth Hair Oil On Dry Hair

Applying the Wild Growth oil to dry hair is a very simple process!

If you think your hair’s a little too dry, then you can dampen it before applying the hair oil.

However, it does work on dry hair!

  1. Take your hair oil and apply a few drops to your hair.
  2. Starting from the bottom, brush your hair so the oil spreads evenly.
  3. Style your hair and let the Wild Growth hair oil work its magic!

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Final Thoughts

Wild Growth hair oil is a key product when it comes to hair growth.

You can use it in many different parts of your hair care routine, from adding it to your shampoo or conditioner to putting it on your dry locks in between washes.

If you use the Wild Growth oil consistently then thanks to its natural ingredients and formula you can expect healthy, silky, long, flowing hair – even if it takes a little while (we promise it’s worth it!).

If it sounds good to you, you can find Wild Growth Hair Oil below:

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