How To Use Olaplex No. 3

How To Use Olaplex No. 3

Have you got damaged, dry hair that easily breaks?

Do you miss having healthy and strong hair?

Well, we have just the product for you!

Olaplex is a luxury hair brand that has products that have been scientifically developed by chemists.

This brand prides itself on creating products that prevent and repair hair from damage.

The Olaplex No. 3 (sometimes called simply Olaplex 3) is one of the most popular products from the Olaplex range and it is easy to see why.

Below we look at what exactly Olaplex No. 3 is, what results you can expect after using it, and how to use it and get the best results.

What Is Olaplex No. 3?

You can think of Olaplex No. 3 as a hair follicle restorer.

If you can imagine that your hair follicles are thin vines, blown by the wind, external elements such as heat, color, and rough combs can cause them to split and break down.

Olaplex can strengthen these vines and rebuild them from the inside out.

Another reason to love this fantastic product is that Olaplex can be applied to all kinds of hair, including textured, highly compromised, colored, and virgin hair.

The Olaplex No.3 hair perfecter is an ideal hair treatment that helps fortify, smooth, and protect your locks.

There are three types of Olaplex, being Olaplex Nos.1, 2, and 3. Olaplex No. 1 and 2 are used by stylists to protect and repair hair during the coloring process.

Olaplex Nos 3 is used by stylists to regenerate hair roots but it is also perfect for at home use.

Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment
  • Repairs damaged and compromised hair, strengthens and protects hair structure, restores healthy appearance and texture
  • Apply a generous amount from roots to ends on unwashed towel-dried hair.
  • Comb through once and leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes or more. Rinse from hair, shampoo, and condition.Healthy hair
  • Use by date: This product’s use by date is determined by the Period After Opening symbol. The Period After Opening symbol is marked by a box with a numerical number (X) followed by letter M for months. The symbol denotes that the product is recommended to be used within X months of opening

Olaplex products are great for restoring damaged hair. You don’t need any previous treatments before using this product.

It’s easy to purchase as it is stocked in numerous salons and drugstores across the country and it is also easy to use.

It’s the strongest at-home hair rebuilding product on the market.

The results you’ll experience after using Olaplex No. 3 can vary, but one assumption about Olaplex is that it’ll leave hair silky-soft, which is not correct.

Although Olaplex does soften hair a bit, it doesn’t make hair silkier than ever before. Olaplex works from the inside out repairing broken hair bonds.

What you should find is that your hair feels more manageable with less effort and that breakage and damage are not as obvious as the hair heals.

You may also find some added benefits such as a beautiful shine to your hair.

This product is also great for repairing and preventing split ends which is a main factor in hair breakage.

How To Use Olaplex No. 3

How To Use Olaplex No. 3
How To Use Olaplex No. 3

We don’t blame you for wanting to try out Olaplex.

We know you want to get the great results we have been discussing so here’s how you should use Olaplex No. 3 to achieve them.

  1. Before getting into the shower dampen your hair and apply Olaplex No. 3 to the full head of hair. Let it sit for 10 minutes. You can also apply it to dry hair but wet hair is the best way for your hair to fully absorb the product.
  2. After ten minutes, rinse out the product thoroughly in the shower. Follow up with regular shampoo/conditioner.
  3. Once you are out of the shower simply style your hair as usual.

To use this product as an overnight hair treatment follow the below steps.

  1. Wash your hair lightly using your favorite shampoo.
  2. Dry your hair and then apply Olaplex No. 3 to the hair until the hair is saturated in the product.
  3. Place your hair in a shower cap and secure the cap to your head using bobby pins.
  4. The next morning, rinse out the product.

Hair bonding products should be used as often as possible.

Daily brushing and coloring can cause damage to the newly bonded hair so by using Olaplex No.3 regularly you will be able to keep your hair bonds restored and strong.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Sleep With Olaplex In My Hair?

Olaplex No. 3 can be used for as little as ten minutes to get results, but for even better and faster results you can use this hair product as an overnight treatment.

If you are sleeping with Olaplex 3 in your hair you should have the hair tied back and covered to avoid the product from getting on the face or in the eyes.

You can sleep with a shower cap secured to your head with bobby pins to avoid this.

Olaplex No. 3 should be used as an overnight treatment sparingly, a maximum of once a week.

Who Should Buy Olaplex No. 3?

Olaplex 3 works great for people who color their hair. It helps strengthen weak bonds in the hair allowing the hair to become stronger and healthier.

You can use this product even if you don’t have bleached or colored hair.

Heat styling and chemical straightening treatments can also dry out and damage your hair and this product will help fix these problems as well as prevent damage to the bonds from happening.

Is It Safe To Use Olaplex No 3 After Using Home Hair Dyes?

Box Dye products can harm your hair by breaking down the bonds and follicle structure. Luckily, the Olaplex No. 3 could help restore damaged hair.

However, mixing the product into other hair care products is not recommended because it could cause more damage to your hair.

If your hair has been damaged by home dye kits you will be able to rescue your hair and help rebuild the bonds by using this product.

As a preventative method, it is also worthwhile using this product after using an at home dye kit to protect your hair.

Which Is The Best Olaplex Product?

Olaplex products work together to repair damaged hair bonds while also delivering moisture and shine.

Olaplex products are great for repairing damage caused by heat styling, chemical treatments, and other factors.

Olaplex products work just as well whether you use them in a salon or at home.

Each product has a different focus and gives different results to the hair. The best product to use independently is the

Olaplex No. 3 but for the best results, you should consider using the Olaplex range as a replacement to your current hair routine.

Final Thoughts

If you are on a hair journey and want to find the best ways to restore and revitalize your hair then Olaplex No. 3 is the product for you.

Your hair is your crown and it is worth investing in to keep it as strong as you are!

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