How To Use Mousse For Wavy Hair

How To Use Mousse For Wavy Hair (2)

If you have curly or wavy hair there are lots of styling techniques that you can use to make the most of your natural texture.

One of these options is to use hair mousse. Mousse is a great styling tool that gives hair volume and body. It also helps create a smooth finish.

The problem is, mousse can dry out your hair and cause frizz. How can you prevent this from happening?

We have put together a useful guide to help you understand how to use mousse on your wavy hair to achieve the results that you want without the hair becoming dry. Keep reading to find out more. 

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What Does Mousse Do To Curly Hair? 

Mousse is a thick foam or gel that adds volume and shape to hair. It comes in a variety of textures, such as stiff, soft, and wavy.

If you want to achieve a particular look, you can apply mousse directly to wet hair and then blow dry it or let it air dry. 

How To Apply Mousse To Wavy And Curly Hair? 

How To Use Mousse For Wavy Hair

There are different methods you can use to apply mousse to wavy or curly hair. This is the most commonly used method if you want to apply the mousse on the same day that you wash your hair. 

Step One – Wash Your Hair

The first step is to wash your hair like you normally would.

If you are trying to encourage your natural hair texture then you should avoid any shampoo or conditioner that contains sulfates, as this can prevent the curls from forming.

Make sure you use a good quality conditioner and leave it on for a few minutes while you are in the shower or bath before rinsing it off. 

If you use a deep conditioning treatment before applying mousse this will help seal moisture into the hair shaft and give it some extra protection against any damage.

Step Two – Brush Your Hair 

Once you have washed your hair and you are out of the shower, you need to brush your hair to remove any knots.

If you are trying to encourage your natural curls then you should use a wide-tooth comb to brush your hair, as this will remove the large tangles without breaking up the natural hair texture.

The best time to brush curly or wavy hair is straight after washing it – you should avoid brushing it when it is dry as this will separate the curls and make it frizzy.

It is best to start at the ends of the hair, combing downwards, then work your way up to the root.

If you brush from the root then the comb could end up getting stuck halfway down the hair and you could damage the hair by brushing it too vigorously.

If you come across a particularly stubborn knot, don’t use excessive force. hold the hair above the knot, then comb that section repeatedly but gently to tease it out.

Step Three – Remove The Excess Moisture

After you have brushed your hair, it will still be dripping wet. You need to remove the excess moisture before applying any styling products.

It is best to use a microfiber towel for this, as they absorb moisture without making your hair go frizzy. Do not tousle your hair or ring your hair with the towel as this could cause damage and frizz. 

Instead, put your hand inside the towel and gently squeeze the moisture out of your hair whilst scrunching to encourage the wave pattern or natural hair texture.

Do this until your hair is no longer dripping wet, but is still wet to the touch. 

Step Four – Apply The Mousse

Next, it is time to apply your styling products. If you intend to blow dry your hair then you will need to use a heat protection product as well as your hair mousse.

Some hair mousse products may contain heat protection, so make sure you read the label. You can also apply a leave-in conditioner to help your stay smooth and hydrated. 

Apply the mousse a little bit at a time to make sure that you don’t overload your hair with product.

Spray the mousse into your hand then use your fingers to comb it through your hair, making sure it is evenly distributed.

Don’t forget about the back of your hair! Once the mouse is in your hair, gently scrunch your hair from the bottom to encourage the curls or the waves. 

Step Five – Dry Your Hair 

The final step is to dry your hair. There are several choices for this step depending on what kind of look you want to achieve. 

You can let your hair dry naturally. This is a good way to avoid frizz and heat damage, but it will take longer.

It might also result in less volume, though once your hair is dry you can add volume by gently flipping your head upside down and massaging your scalp. 

You can blow dry your hair with a diffuser attachment. This will encourage lots of volume and curls for an amazing hairstyle, but it can also make your hair quite frizzy. 

You can also blow dry your hair without an attachment, which is the perfect blend between the other two options.

Put the hairdryer on a low setting to avoid heat damage and frizz, and hold it about 4 inches away from your hair at all times. 

Use your hands to gently scrunch your hair as you dry it. Avoid flipping your head upside down and always point the hairdryer down the hair from above to avoid creating frizz. 

With curly or wavy hair, you don’t need to blow dry your hair until it is completely dry- you can leave a little bit of moisture in it to air dry. 

Step Six – Final Touches

Once your hair is dry, you might want to add a final hair product to finish off the style. If you have a little bit of frizz then you could use light hair oil or serum.

Place a small amount onto your hands and gently smooth your hands over your hair. Do not comb this product through or you will disrupt the wavy or curly texture that you have just created. 


Now that you know how to use hair mousse on wavy or curly hair, you can try it out yourself and enjoy beautiful and healthy hair without needing to go to the salon.