How To Use Body Butter

How To Use Body Butter

Body butter is commonly used instead of body moisturizer. They are a known product to be seen in any bathroom. Body butter helps keep your skin hydrated and soft from natural butters and extracts taken from seeds and nuts. Usually applied before bed or after a shower. In this article, we will explain how you should be using body butter properly.

What is body butter

Body butter is a skin moisturizer. It normally contains coconut oil, shea butter, or some kind of vegetable-based kinds of butter and oils. It is common for body butter to be a lot thicker than clothes body moisturizers and lotions. Therefore, they come in jars, rather than a bottle. You scoop the body butter out instead of squeezing the mixture out. 

You typically use body butter after you have had a bath or shower or just before you go to bed. They are considered to be much more effective in hydrating and nourishing your skin. This product can be used all over your body, or in concentrated areas, like the knees and elbows. 

During the winter months, the weather is much colder and harsher on our skin. This is the time to be using body butter the most. Its thickness and heavy moisturizing nature are what our skin needs, to keep it soft. 

How to use body butter

Method 1:

  1. After you have enjoyed your bath or shower, pat yourself dry with a towel. A little moisture left on your body is preferred, so don’t rub yourself dry.
  2. Take a generous scoop of your favorite body butter and apply it directly to your skin.
  3. Massage the body butter into your skin, until the body butter has been fully absorbed into your skin. 

Method 2:

If you have extremely dry hands and feet, you can use this method for an overnight solution using body butter. 

If you have very dry hands or feet, then a body butter that includes mango butter, olive butter, or avocado butter are the best option to choose. These butters will help heal your dry hands or feet, even if your skin is cracked. 

For this method, you want a really thick body butter, as it contains much richer ingredients to help heal your skin. As they are naturally so thick, they may appear solid at room temperature, but they will soften and melt into your skin.


  1. Apply a thin layer of body butter to the area, just before you go to bed. It is best to start off with a pea-sized amount of butter and add more if it is needed. 
  2. This step is optional, but you can wait a couple of minutes for the body butter to fully absorb and dry up. 
  3. Next, put your socks on. Putting socks on over wet body butter will seal in the moisture that you are trying to create. There are certain brands of socks that have been specially designed to seal in the moisture while you sleep. 
  4. In the morning, remove your socks and wash off any remaining body butter off your skin. Your feet should now feel smooth and really soft. Remember to wash the socks before you use them again.


  1. Apply a pea-sized amount of body butter onto your hands. Massage it into your hands and pay particular attention to your knuckles. 
  2. While your hands are still moist, put on a pair of gloves. We would recommend using microfiber gloves, as they have been made to seal in the moisture. They will help your hands heal overnight.
  3. In the morning, remove your gloves and wash off any remaining body butter off your skin. Your feet should now feel smooth and really soft. Remember to wash the gloves before you use them again.
How To Use Body Butter
How To Use Body Butter

What can body butter be used for

Body butter not only helps keep your skin feeling smooth and soft, but it also has other uses too. They can also help treat other skin conditions that you may be suffering from. When using body butter for treating any skin condition, you should lean towards using an unscented body butter. This is because scented body butters may cause irritation to your skin. 

Some doctors may suggest using body butter alongside other forms of medication to treat certain conditions. However, you should always seek medical advice, before trying to treat a medical condition with body butter.

The following are skin conditions that can be treated with body butter.

  • Eczema or psoriasis – Use a body butter that contains jojoba oil. Also, Ucuuba butter is known to help treat both eczema and psoriasis and any skin irritation. 
  • Sunburn – Any body butters that use kokum butter can help treat any sunburn you may have.
  • Stretch marks – Body butters that have a blend of shea or coconut butter and vitamin E, will help you with your stretch marks. 
  • Wrinkles – Pumpkin seed butter helps treat wrinkles and skin irritation. 

Tips for applying body butter

  • Within 5 minutes after your bath or shower is the time to be applying your body butter, to really benefit from it fully.
  • Try not to apply too much body butter in one go. You can always apply another layer if you think your body needs more nourishment. 
  • Focus on certain areas of your body that sometimes require extra nourishment. Knuckles, knees, elbows, and ankles are all areas you should focus on. 
  • Avoid using body butter on your face. This is due to body butter being much more concentrated than typical body moisturizers or lotions. Therefore, it is a lot thicker and shouldn’t be applied to your face. The body butter will then block all your pores, which could result in acne breakouts or a rash.

 When it comes to your face, you should use moisturizers that have been designed for use on the face.

  • Body butters can help dry skin, but do not apply body butter to skin that is bleeding. 


Body butter is an effective moisturizer that effectively helps keep your skin soft and smooth. Applying pea-sized amounts onto your body will be more than enough for you to notice a difference to your skin. Body butter is much thicker than other body moisturizers, so much less is needed, but it is a lot more concentrated. Different kinds of body butters can help treat certain skin conditions. Leaving you with soft, glowing, and smooth skin that you always dreamed of.