How To Use A Shampoo Bar

How To Use A Shampoo Bar

Sometimes, we all need a change from our usual bottle of shampoo.

With many bottles and brands to choose from, we can feel spoilt for choice!

However, we believe the clear winner of hair care is the shampoo bar!

Shampoo bars are a wonderful alternative to bottles of liquid shampoo.

Not only do most bars contain natural, fresh ingredients, but they are also eco-friendly!

More and more people are seeking out environmentally friendly alternatives to their favorite products, and the shampoo bar holds all the answers when it comes to eco-friendly hair!

However, many individuals have expressed confusion over shampoo bars.

Namely, not knowing how to use one, the condition of their hair after using one, and what kind to buy.

We have all the answers to your shampoo bar questions right here in this article, so read on to find out more!

What Is A Shampoo Bar?

The opposite of liquid shampoo, a shampoo bar is similar to a bar of soap – except it is made for your hair!

Most shampoo bars contain natural ingredients, such as essential oils, butters, vegetable oils, and more!

Solid shampoo bars are typically free of any unwanted additives, such as synthetics and preservatives, and they are not likely to damage or dry out your hair because most do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate.

Shampoo bars typically last between 80 to 100 washes, which is around the same as three bottles of liquid shampoo at a regular size! What’s not to love?

How To Use A Shampoo Bar

Using a solid shampoo bar could not be easier! Here are a few simple steps for the best shampoo bar experience!

  1. Wet both your hair and your chosen shampoo bar

  2. Apply the bar to your hair.

    Shampoo bars are very concentrated, so you will only need to do a few swipes.

  3. Massage the shampoo into your hair and scalp until it starts to form a gentle lather.

    Please note that it will not be a big or foamy lather like you would get from a bottle of shampoo, but it works just the same!

  4. Focus on working the lather through your roots.

  5. Finally, ensure you rinse your hair thoroughly.

What Are Some Key Benefits Of Using A Shampoo Bar?

Longer Lasting

Most of the time, shampoo bars last longer than a bottle of shampoo.

This is because shampoo bars are so concentrated that you only need a small amount for great results.

Not only is this cost-effective, but it actually helps the environment in the long run!

Free From Sulfates

Nearly all shampoo bars are sulfate-free.

This is great news if you want fresh and healthy-looking locks because it means your hair won’t become damaged or dried out after using a shampoo bar as it may with bottled shampoo.


Shampoo bars are easy to store and carry around, which makes them ideal to take to the gym, overnight hotel stays, when traveling, and more!

Should You Use A Conditioner After Using A Shampoo Bar?

We think you should definitely use a conditioner after using a shampoo bar!

Conditioner helps to smooth down the hair so it replenishes moisture and reflects more light.

As for the type of conditioner you use, we can think of nothing better than a conditioning bar!

A conditioning bar contains much less water than a liquid conditioner, and like shampoo bars, are much better for the environment!

What Are The Downsides Of Using Shampoo Bars?

How to use a shampoo bar
What Are The Downsides Of Using Shampoo Bars?

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Sometimes, those who make the switch to a shampoo bar experience something called a ‘transition process’, ‘transition phase’, or ‘purge period.’

During this purge period, your hair may feel waxy, heavy, or unpleasant.

This is either because the shampoo bar has had a bad reaction to hard water, or it is merely your hair attempting to adjust to the balancing of the oil production of your scalp.

However, there is a way to combat this to achieve soft and healthy hair. In order to help your transition go smoothly, we recommend taking advantage of an apple cider vinegar rinse!

Apple cider vinegar is known for its many benefits, including helping to cleanse your hair and scalp.

When used regularly, an apple cider vinegar rinse can also help balance the pH levels of your hair, making it softer, shinier, and healthier overall.

How To Choose A Shampoo Bar For Your Hair Type

Finding the right shampoo bar is key to really nourishing your hair. You need to use the right products for your hair type.

This list here should help you find the best shampoo bars for your hair.

Curly Hair

If you have curly hair it is best to choose a shampoo bar that has a focus on moisture.

Look for shampoo bars that contain shea butter, as this will keep your curls looking beautiful!

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Colored Hair

If you have color-treated hair, then it is best to use a gentle formula to keep your hair looking fresh and healthy.

You should also look out for shampoo bars that are ‘color safe’.

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Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, then you could opt for a shampoo bar that will give your hair some extra volume and wow factor!

Look for shampoos that advertise this and you’re already on your way.

Dry Hair

Those of you with dry hair will benefit from shampoo bars that prioritize moisture and soothing irritated scalps.

Look for ingredients such as shea butter, aloe vera, bamboo, or cocoa butter.

Oily Hair

If your hair is oily, then you should check out shampoo bars that contain Citrus Yao.

Citrus Yao is excellent at breaking down sebum, which causes our hair to look oily.

Normal Hair

If you have hair considered ‘normal’, then feel free to choose any shampoo bar you like!

What Can I Do To Ensure The Best Shampoo Bar Experience?

Here are a few extra things you can do to ensure the best shampoo bar experience!

Use Soft Water

Different water types have different compositions. Most of the U.S. uses hard water, which can lead to a build up of minerals in your hair.

This can cause your hair to look and feel dull and lifeless. To prevent this, try installing a water softening system or a showerhead filter!

Avoid Blow-Dryers

When you let your hair air-dry after using a shampoo bar, it feels so magical!

Not only that, but you will achieve an effortless look complete with body and silky, soft locks.

Final Thoughts

Shampoo bars are an eco-friendly alternative to the liquid shampoo that usually comes in plastic bottles.

Most are made with fresh and natural ingredients and can be packed up neatly and taken anywhere!

They are also fairly easy to use, just make sure you don’t use too much!

Shampoo bars can leave your hair feeling waxy, but this is something called the ‘transition phase’ and can be counteracted with an apple cider rinse that leaves your hair feeling soft, healthy, and shiny.

There are many different shampoo bars that are best suited to different types of hair.

Overall, shampoo bars work wonderfully and are definitely a worthwhile investment!

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