How To Part Hair For Box Braids

How To Part Hair For Box Braids (1)

Box braids are a super versatile braid. They can be used as a fashion trend or as a protective hairstyle for your real hair.

For example, if you are someone who wears wigs as well as your natural hair, then the box braid hairstyle will be the perfect protective style for you to adhere to.

It will protect your natural hair whilst allowing you to experiment with wearing different wigs on a daily basis.

So, read here to find out all about this braided hairstyle and the best ways to part your hair – be it for regular box braids or be it for jumbo box braids.

What Are Box Braids?

How To Part Hair For Box Braids

Box braids are a type of cornrows that have been popularized in the last few years by celebrities like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian. They’re also known as “boxy braids,” “cornrow boxes,” or just plain “boxes.”

The name comes from the shape they form when you pull them up into a tight bun. The sides of the braid usually fall over on either side of the head, creating an almost square-shaped look.

The style is easy to do and can be done with any length of hair. It takes about 30 minutes to get it right and requires no special tools. You can wear them straight down, curled or twisted.

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Steps To Get Started With Box Braid Styles

So, let’s talk about how to get started with your box braid hairstyles!

Choose Your Length And Style

You want to choose the length of your hair before starting this hairstyle because it will determine what kind of box braids you end up getting.

If you have very long hair, you may want to go for the full box braids. If you have short hair, then you should opt for half box braids.

If you don’t know which length looks best on you, try going for a medium length. This way, you can experiment with different styles until you find something that works well for you.

Start By Separating Your Hair 

Start by separating your hair into two sections. Make sure that one section is longer than the other. Next, you need to divide each section into thirds. Use a comb to divide each section into three equal parts.

Twist One Side Of The First Section

Take the first section of hair and twist it clockwise around itself so that it forms a spiral. Then, repeat this step on the second section of hair.

Continue twisting the remaining sections of hair until all three sections of hair have been twisted.

Secure The Ends

Secure the ends of the twists using a clear elastic band, and then you can decide how to finish the hairstyle.

For instance, you might want to finish things off with a curl or twist depending on your preference.

Make sure you comb out any loose strands left behind after completing the twists and then apply styling products such as hairspray, gel, or pomade as needed.

It is important that you wait at least 20 minutes before you start wearing your new hairstyle. This gives your hair time to dry completely. Once your hair has dried completely, you can enjoy your new look.

Parting Your Hair For Regular Box Braids

To part your hair for regular box braids, you need to start by parting your hair into two sections. You should leave one section of hair on top of your head and the other section of hair at the back of your head.

The length of these sections depends on how long you want your box braids to be.

If you want them to be short, then you can cut both sections of hair to approximately 2 inches in length.

However, if you want longer box braids, then you can cut both of these sections of hair to approximately 4-5 inches in length.

Once you have parted your hair into two sections, you can now start braiding your hair.

For regular box braids, you can use any type of braid that you like, but we recommend using the French braid because it is the easiest way to create beautiful box braids.

Parting Your Hair For Jumbo Box Braids

So, to part your hair for jumbo box braids you need to do exactly the same thing that you did for regular box braids. Start by parting your hair into 2 sections.

Then, take each section of hair and wrap it around the finger of your dominant hand so that you get a nice tight coil.

Now, you can either keep the end of the wrapped up hair on the side of your head, or you can tuck it behind your ear. 

Now, continue wrapping the rest of your hair around the fingers of your dominant hand until you reach the desired length of your box braids.

Once you have reached the desired length, you can stop braiding and secure the ends of your box braids with an elastic band.

You can wear your box braids straight or curled, depending on what look you would like to achieve. If you want to wear them straight, then you can apply some gel to your hair and blow-dry it.

Or, if you prefer to curl your hair, then you can use a curling iron.

You can also try styling your box braids in different ways, such as adding extensions to your hair or even making them more voluminous.

Our Tips & Tricks For The Perfect Box Braids

Our recommendations for the perfect box braids are as follows: 

  • To make your box braids more defined, apply a little bit of gel to your hair before pulling it back into a high ponytail.
  • To keep your hair looking smooth, use a wide tooth comb instead of a regular comb.
  • Use a flat iron to help create a sharper line between the braided sections.
  • Use a small amount of hairspray to hold in place while you are working on your hairstyle.
  • For added volume, add some hair extensions to the top of your box braids.

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In Conclusion

Overall, box braids are great for adding texture and dimension to your hair. They also work really well for people who want to change up their style, or who want to protect their natural hair.

When it comes to parting box braids, it is always important to remember that there is no right or wrong way to do it.

There are many ways to part hair for box braids and everyone has their own preferences, especially depending on whether they are wearing box braids as a fashion statement or whether they are trying to protect their natural hair.

However, if you follow these steps, you should be able to get started with box braids without too much trouble!