How to Overline Lips

How to overline lips

Makeup is a great way of expressing oneself, whether you prefer an intense, bold smokey eye, or a more natural day-to-day makeup look. But it’s lip products that really separate the day from the nighttime looks. 

Whether you prefer a clear lip gloss or a daring statement red color, lip products are an essential part of anyone’s makeup bag. However, it’s the way that they are applied that make all the difference. Especially if you want to create an Instagram-worthy looking pout every time.

Unfortunately, a perfectly overlined lip look isn’t always achievable – especially if your lips aren’t primed and prepped properly, or you don’t have lip filler. But if you don’t want to take such drastic measures yet still seek the perfect pout, there’s nothing to fear! By experimenting and overlining your lips, you can alter the shape to get the look that you desire.

This article outlines the best tips and tricks to overline your lips. So, if you’re after a perfectly prepared pout – read on!

The Steps

Overlining your lips may seem like a difficult task, but it really isn’t. And as long as you follow a foolproof method of application, you’ll be well on your way to stunning overlined lips in no time at all.  We’ve outlined the best method of overlining your lips below.

Exfoliate the Area

Prep your pout. This is a must when applying any products to your lips as you need a smooth, even surface to work on. To do this, a lip scrub is probably best.

Apply Lip Balm

Next, you should apply a lip balm to your lips. It will help to keep your lip products looking and feeling better, while also locking in the necessary hydration for your lips. 

Use a Lip Primer

Yes, lip primer is a real thing! It’s actually a great step in keeping your lip color on all day. You can also use a bit of concealer if you don’t have lip primer on hand. 

Find the perfect Neutral Lip Liner

Finding the perfect color and finish for your lips is quite the task. But it isn’t impossible. And, regardless of whether you’re a professional makeup artist or a beginner, it’s always a good idea to pick a matte nude shade that matches the undertones of your skin. This ensures that the contrasting shades of your lip product work well together. 

For instance, neutral shades with a slight pink hue make a great color choice for those with pinker undertones. Using a neutral shade helps to keep the look natural and up-to-date (because a good nude lip never goes out of fashion!)

How to overline lips
How to overline lips

Shade in the Corners

Make sure to only overline the center of your bottom lip. This will create a heart-shaped effect. You could also shadow the corners of your mouth (and your bottom lip) using a cream contour shade or a powder to make the middle of your lips look more pronounced.

Now it’s time to begin overlining your lips. To start, you need to make sure that your lip liner is as sharp as possible. This will help you to achieve a precise application and will make it easier for you to map out where the liner needs to go. To begin this process, follow the shape of your lip line, going slightly outside the lines. Not only does this contour your lips, but it also softens the liner, making the overlining blend in more seamlessly.

Define and Highlight Your Cupid’s Bow 

The Cupid’s Bow is the heart-shaped peak of your lips. It is more defined on some individuals than on others, and it plays a key part in the overlining process. Drawing attention to this point of your lips will help to lift the shape of your mouth while adding volume. 

To define, you should line just outside the natural lip line, and create an X over the Cupid’s Bow. Feel free to add a pop of highlighter at this point to further emphasize the shape of your lips. You should use a smaller brush to create the best effect. 

Stay Close to Your Natural Lip Line

After shading the corners, you should trace your pencil along your lip line while gradually beginning to veer outside your mouth’s natural shape as you move towards the center of your lips. But don’t go overboard at this point! 

The overall lip look should remain as natural as possible, while also enhancing your pout effectively. For people who wear more makeup, it may be better to shade over the cupid’s bow rather than along it. However, this can be quite tricky to pull off. If it looks over the top, then you’ve probably pushed it a bit too far.

Apply Lipstick and Fill

You don’t want to leave your lips bare of color, and this step is essential to achieving the best-overlined look. Once your lips are lined to your preferred shape, you need to fill in the area with a lipstick shade. Opt for a lipstick shade similar to that of your chosen liner to achieve a more subtle look (approximately one to two shades lighter). 

Use a lip brush to apply matte lipstick to the center of the top and bottom lips. Blend outwards so that the lip products are properly blended. This should create a more noticeable ombre effect.

Blend the Edges

Using a lip brush or a finger, it’s essential to pat and melt the lip liner and lipstick into the skin. The method doesn’t matter, as long as the edge of the liner is blended toward the inside of the lips. This helps to soften the line, leading to a far more natural end look.

… and you’re done! It is that easy to achieve a full yet glamorous pout without anything more than what is already existing in your makeup kit.


Though overlining your lips may be quite difficult at first, like any new skill, it will get easier with time! It might be a good idea to practice this method until you’re feeling confident and comfortable enough to wear it out in public.