How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger Without Makeup

How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger Without Makeup

The beauty industry has become a multibillion-dollar enterprise. From cosmetics to skincare, there are countless ways to enhance your appearance.

Whilst one way to achieve bigger eyes is through makeup, it’s not the only way. There are dozens of tips that can be used to make your eyes look larger, without needing to buy, or use any makeup. 

If you want to know how to make your eyes appear larger naturally, then continue reading!

Ways To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger, Naturally 

How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger Without Makeup

Always Curl Your Lashes

Curly lashes make your eyes look bigger and healthier. Most of us, however, do not have naturally curly lashes. Instead, we have straight lashes. 

Now, there’s nothing wrong with having lashes that are straight, rather than curly, but when it comes to making your eyes bigger? Curly lashes make a big difference. 

This is because when the eyelashes are curled, it opens up the eyes. This makes the eyes look wider, and the whites of the eyes pop, which gives the illusion of bigger eyes.

Plus, straight lashes actually can cast a shadow on your eye. This means that they can give the illusion of smaller eyes, the opposite of what you want! 

To curl your eyelashes, you will need a beauty tool called an eyelash curler. While most companies just tell you to apply the curler to your lashes, we know that’s not the best method.

Instead, use our method, which is guaranteed to make your eyes bigger, and your eyelashes curl! 

1. Apply the eyelash curler to the base of your lower eyelashes. Hold the eyelash curler for about five seconds. Remove the eyelash curler, and apply for another five seconds. 

2. Next, apply the eyelash curler close to the base of your top eyelashes. Wait for 5 seconds, and then release the eyelash.

3. Finally, place the eyelash curler on the top of your top lashes. Again, wait for 5 seconds before you release. 

The reason you should use this method is that you want the eyelashes to remain strong and curly. By using repetition, you reinforce the curl.

Plus, by curling the base of the eyelash, you ensure that the curl is strong enough to hold the rest of the lashes. If the base is weak, then the lashes will not last. 

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Prevent Puffy Eyes 

Most people experience puffy eyes in the morning, but for some, the puffiness can last for a couple of hours. 

When your eyes are puffy, they look smaller — which you want to avoid. In order to make your eyes look larger, you’re going to need to get rid of any puffiness that occurs. 

This is actually a pretty simple step, and there are lots of ways to reduce puffiness. 

One natural beauty method is to apply cucumbers to the eyes and leave them for 10-15 minutes.

This is because cucumbers have an extremely high water content, so they hydrate your eyes, which reduces puffiness. 

If you don’t have time for that, you can just apply a cold compress to the eye. If you’re in a rush, try for 30 seconds on each eyelid. But if you have extra time, then use it for a little longer. 

Another easy way to reduce puffiness is to drink plenty of water. Drinking at least eight glasses of water each day will keep your body hydrated.

This helps your blood flow more evenly throughout your body, keeping your skin looking healthier. It also keeps your body from retaining moisture, which prevents puffiness.

Likewise, if you’re an avid caffeine drinker, and you get chronically puffy eyes, it’s time to cut down on your caffeine. Caffeine dehydrates the body, which causes puffiness. 

Invest In Night Creams 

If your eyes are looking a little puffy and tired, they can appear smaller. One way to make your eyes larger is to invest in night creams. 

Many night creams contain anti-aging ingredients like retinol, vitamin A, and antioxidants. These ingredients work together to improve the appearance of your skin while helping prevent signs of aging. 

Most night cream contains many ingredients that will help your skin look brighter and overall healthier. This is going to be crucial in making your eyes look bigger and healthier. 

If you suffer from puffy eyes, in particular, opt for a night cream that focuses on hydration. This is because your eyes could be dehydrated, and you need to focus on bringing hydration back to that area.  

Try Eye Brightening Drops 

If you are experiencing allergies, or no matter what you try, your eyes always look tired, you should consider eye brightening drops. 

Now, as you can imagine — the purpose of these drops is just to brighten eyes and make them look healthier.

More than that, most of these drops are specifically for those who have allergies, or tired eyes. So if you’re just using them to make your eyes look bigger, they won’t work for you. 

This is because they will not actually change the size of your eyes. What you need to remember is that if your eyes are swollen, or tired — they only look smaller.

So in order to turn your eyes back to their normal self, you need to restore them.  

Remember, Rest Is Vital 

Ultimately, if you want your eyes to look larger naturally, you need to look after your overall health. 

No beauty method is going to make your eyes look bigger if you feel run down and exhausted. This is your body sending you a signal that you’re tired, and you need to rest. 

We understand that life can be hectic, and sometimes rest does not seem optional. In that case, it’s time to implement more self-care measures into your routine.

Even if it’s applying cucumber to your eyes, or using a night cream — these are steps that can slowly make you feel like your old self (plus, they will make your eyes look larger!)  

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If you want to make your eyes look bigger naturally, then these are the best methods to follow.

While these methods are effective, they won’t drastically change the shape of your eye, but they will help your eyes look larger.