How To Keep Makeup From Rubbing Off

How To Keep Makeup From Rubbing Off

Everyone wants their makeup to last all day long, but sometimes — we go to look in the mirror, and realize the foundation, or powder, has rubbed off.

Even worse than that is noticing that the makeup has transferred to your clothes — or wait, someone else’s clothes!

It’s a nightmare, and a situation that we all try our best to avoid.

It’s normal for makeup to occasionally rub off, after all — make up can fade.

However, if this seems to be an ongoing problem, it can be really frustrating and uncomfortable.

No one wants to spend time doing their makeup, to discover that it’s left the planet within a couple of hours.

This can happen for a multitude of reasons. It’s very common for makeup to rub off because of sweat, oil, dirt.

The good news is that you can easily prevent this from happening. All it takes is altering your makeup routine a little, or changing your skin care habits.

If you listen to our helpful tips, your makeup should finally last all day!

How To Prevent Your Makeup From Rubbing Off

Keep Your Makeup Moisturized

If there are any dry spots on your face, they will cause makeup to rub off more quickly.

This is because the foundation and powder can attach onto skin which is moisturized, and looks more natural.

When it comes to moisturizer, avoid adding an excess.

Many people think that they need to apply lots of moisturizer and products to their face before their makeup routine.

Generally speaking, this is wrong.

You just need a very simple skin care routine before you apply makeup, so there is not an overload of products on your skin. Avoid moisturizers that are extremely rich.

Instead, try using a moisturizer that has a lighter formula.

This is also extremely vital when the weather is warm, because it’ll help your makeup stay in place for longer.

If you struggle with lipstick flaking off, a simple way to fix this is by using a moisturizing lip balm before putting on your lipstick.

Make sure to apply the lip balm ten minutes before, if you have chronically dry lips, because the formula will need time to work.

Don’t Forget Blotting Papers

Blotting papers are slowly making a comeback, because they’re an incredibly useful tool.

If you’re never heard of blotting papers, then get ready to add a new product to your cart.

They’re basically, as you can imagine, a small paper, or sheet, that is highly absorbent.

The purpose of blotting papers is to absorb all the oil, sweat and excess product on the face.

It’s completely normal to sweat, but this natural process can interfere and cause the makeup to separate on your face.

When you touch your face, or even go about your day, your makeup will gradually rub off.

This is true even for those who are not experiencing sweat, and is due to the oils in the face, and the formula of the foundation.

That’s why blotting papers are so great. All you do is blot your face with the paper, and it’ll remove any excess product, oil and sweat from your face.

While you might worry that you’ll be taking off even more foundation — don’t fret.

It’ll only be taking off any excess product, because you gently blot your face.

While you might think that napkins and tissues will work the same, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

They’re far more rough than blotting papers — even soft tissues. Blotting papers are made of an incredibly thin material, and are very soft.

Don’t Skip The Primer

Don’t Skip The Primer

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Priming your face is important because it’s vital for making makeup stay put.

A primer helps to give your makeup a smoother look. It’s applied before foundation, and will create a surface that the foundation can evenly stick to.

Some people like to use primer under their eyes, while others prefer to skip this step.

Either way works, but skipping the step means that you won’t have a smooth transition between your foundation and concealer.

If you don’t currently use a primer, this could be the reason why your makeup keeps fading.

Use A Setting Spray

If you’re not using a setting spray, then you need to change your beauty routine ASAP.

If you’re not sure what a settings spray is, it’s a pretty simple concept. It’s a spray that works as a protective seal, to keep your makeup intact.

It also helps soften the foundation and powder, so your makeup doesn’t look heavy.

Setting sprays are vital for those who find that their makeup never lasts.

This is because it’ll make sure that your makeup stays in place. It’s kind of like hairspray for your face, you know?

Choose Your Foundation Wisely

Foundation is such a huge part of our daily makeup routines, we often forget how much of an impact it has on us.

Choosing the right foundation is crucial to achieving a flawless complexion. There’s no single type of foundation that fits everyone.

There are different formulas for different skin types, and many people with oily skin would benefit from an oil-free formula.

If you have dry skin, then you should consider a water-based foundation.

Likewise, if you think you have a combination skin type (a mixture of dry skin, and oily skin) then you should opt for a buildable coverage foundation.

Ultimately, the best way to decide which foundation is best for you is through trial and error. Pick up some samples and see how they interact with your skin.

Cleanse Your Face Properly

Cleansing your face properly is something that most people neglect. However, it’s absolutely essential for keeping your makeup looking fresh and new.

Using a cleanser will remove all the dirt, oil and excess product off your skin.

If your skin is suffering a buildup, then it’ll impact the texture of your skin.

This could make it more difficult for foundation to latch onto your skin, because it’s not attached to a ‘clean’ surface.

Basically, you want to ensure that there aren’t any clogged pores. It’s important to wipe away all the dirt, product, and oil.

It’s absolutely normal, and while you might think your skin is clean, the cleanliness of your skin is more than what you see on the surface.

That’s why a cleanser is so essential, as it ensures that your pores remain open and clear.


If you find that your makeup is always rubbing off your face, try implementing our tips and following our advice.

We’re certain that it’ll help you and improve how your makeup stays on your face.

We all deserve to feel comfortable in our skin, and we all go through periods where our makeup never looks right.

Just know, it’s always fixable!