How To Do Puppy Liner

How To Do Puppy Liner

One of the latest trends in make-up, puppy liner is the newest and coolest way to switch up your make-up looks.

Out with the old and in with the new, puppy liner is the new cat-eye.

Instead of taking your wing up and out, we’re going to bring it down instead.

It is the latest trend, and we are here to help you do it for yourself!

What Is Puppy Liner?

Different eye shapes will suit different shapes of eyeliner. It is like the clothes you wear – some items are more flattering than others.

The most popular shape of the eye for the puppy liner look is round or downturned eyes. This is the shape where the liner will look most flattering.

The idea of this eyeliner is to create an innocent and ‘doe-eyed’ look, whereas cat eyeliner, and other forms usually make your eyes look sleeker.

Instead of taking the wing upwards towards your brows, with puppy liner, you take it downwards. It may sound strange, but you just need to trust us on this one.

Puppy Liner

10 Steps To The Perfect Puppy Liner

Now that you know what puppy liner is, it is time to guide you through how to do it for yourself!

We have come up with 10 easy-to-follow steps that will help you to do puppy liner in no time!

Before we begin, there are several items you will need…

What You Will Need

  • Your make-up base (pre-done)
  • Eyeshadow + eyeshadow brush
  • Pencil eyeliner
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Highlighter
  • Mascara
  • Setting Spray

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Step 1 – Preparation

The very first step you need to take is to prepare.

In this instance, you just need to check and make sure you have all of your utensils on hand – no one wants to be looking for specific items in the middle of doing their make-up, especially when doing something as intricate as your eyeliner!

It all depends on what your preferred order of make-up is, but continue your routine as you would usually and then pause when it comes to the eyes – that’s where we will step in!

Many people like to do their base make-up before their eye make-up, while others choose to do their eyes first!

There are pros and cons to both orders, so just do whichever works best for you personally.

Step 2 – Define Your Eyelid

Now that you have on your base make-up it is time to focus on the eyes! For the perfect puppy liner, you must first begin by adding definition to the crease of your eyelid.

To do this take your favorite fluffy eyeshadow brush and choose the color of eyeshadow you wish to use.

For a more natural look stick to neutral shades like creams and browns, to make your eye look more defined and to help the liner pop.

If you wanted something a bit more exciting, then you could always go for a vibrant and bright color such as hot pink or sky blue!

It is really up to you, the main point in this step is to provide some definition and depth to your eye.

Step 3 – Define Your Lash Line

The second thing you are going to want to do for this look is to define your top lash line.

To do this take a black eyeliner pencil and line the upper lash from the center of your eye to the outer corner.

Make sure you are following the natural shape of your eye and angling the liner in a downward trajectory.

The whole idea of puppy liner is to create those sad-looking puppy dog eyes, and so you want to avoid lifting the liner upwards, as you would usually with a cat-eye look.

Step 4 – Extend Liner Downwards

Now that you have begun with the liner, take your liquid liner and extend the line you have just created.

Liquid liner generally lasts longer than pencil and is also less prone to smudging. Follow the line downwards and create a fine point.

It is a lot like doing cat-eye wings but in the opposite direction – down rather than up.

You can make this wing thicker for a more exaggerated effect, or keep it smaller and thinner for something more natural. Make sure to fill in any gaps with your liner.

Step 5 – Line Inner Corners

How To Do Puppy Liner
Line Inner Corners

By this point, you should have your main body of puppy liner. What you should do now is define the inner corner of your eyes.

For this, take your liquid liner and follow your natural lash line from the inner corners and outwards, eventually connecting it to the eyeliner on the outside of the eye.

This should be a thinner line than the wing you created.

Step 6 – Line Lower Lash Line

After you have done this, the top of your eyes should be near enough complete.

So now, take your pencil liner once again and line the outer half of the bottom of your eye, just below the lash line.

Make sure that you only take the bottom liner to the center of your eye, rather than to the inner corner – otherwise, you may end up with a very jarring and dramatic result.

Apply the same amount of eyeliner to your waterline.

Using a fluffy makeup brush, blend the eyeliner under your eye to create a more natural and smokey effect.

This is going to help the make-up look more put together and blended.

Step 7 – Highlighting Time

Yay! You have finished the liner! Now it is time for the perfect finishing touches.

Take your favorite highlighter or light, sparkly eyeshadow, and apply it on the other bottom half of your eye – the section that we avoided putting eyeliner on.

Blend out the sparkles into the liner on the outside of your eye. This is going to help open up your eyes so that they look young and bright!

Step 8 – Lengthen Those Lashes

An important step never to forget is to add mascara! If you miss out on applying mascara, then your eyes may seem too heavy with liner.

Use a lengthening or thickening mascara to balance your eyelashes with the rest of the eye look.

Don’t forget to coat your lower lashes with the product too!

Step 9- Shine Bright

Take your most blinding highlighter and apply it directly to your inner corner.

This is the finishing touch that pulls the look together completely and also helps to create that illusion of brightness and youthfulness to your eyes!

Step 10 – Setting Spray

Once you have completed your eye make-up then it is time to finish the rest of your make-up routine.

Remember to set it all with your favorite setting spray so that it lasts all day or all night!

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Final Thoughts

So, that is how you create the puppy liner look! What are your thoughts on the new trend? Do you prefer the cat-eye look?

Have you found a liner style that is more suited and flattering for the shape of your eyes?

Experimenting with make-up is always super fun, so even if you didn’t like how it turned out, there is no harm in trying something new.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and try puppy liner for yourself!