How to Do A Sleek Ponytail

How to Do A Sleek Ponytail

The ponytail is the ultimate hairstyle when it comes to a look that is incredibly versatile and has tons of iterations that can be used for a wide variety of events, both formal and informal. There are all sorts of ponytails to try out – from the wavy pony to the braided ponytail- but for a look that is ultra-modern as well as minimalistic, consider the sleek ponytail. This is a look that is favored by celebs- such as Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian- but this doesn’t make it a look that is only suitable for high-end events! The sleek pony is not only a stylish choice, but it is also a functional hairstyle that pulls your locks out of your face and neatly tucks it away should you need to keep it out of sight and out of mind. This is a look that can easily be achieved at home. With that in mind, we are going to be looking at how you can give yourself a sleek ponytail to wear whenever you may choose! Whether it’s to go to the gym, to work, or for a casual night in with friends, this sleek ponytail is sure to keep you comfortable whilst looking fabulous!

Clean Hair is Vital

To ensure that you get the sleekest look possible for your ponytail, you will need to have fresh and clean hair. Give your hair a thorough wash beforehand with shampoo and conditioner. If possible, use products that are specifically designed to help detangle hair and smooth it out. By doing this, you will be able to pull your hair back with greater ease as it will reduce the number of bumps and kinks in your hair. When it comes to using your chosen conditioner, make sure that you only apply it from the middle of your hair down to the ends. Applying conditioner to the roots can make your hair look and feel very greasy, which is not what you want when you are trying to get a sleek look.

Blow-Dry To Achieve That Smooth Look

When you have finished washing your hair, you will need to blow dry it out to ensure that sleek and smooth finish. It is easy for hair to fall into the realms of the much-maligned frizz whilst drying it, so to lower the chances of this utilize a frizz-controlling hair cream and apply it to your damp hair. This should provide some longer-lasting protection from frizz as it blocks out humidity and can help to catch any stray hairs that threaten to escape from your sleek pony! This kind of hair cream also sleeks the hair cuticles for a silkier look. Opt for a frizz-control spray that also offers heat protection as direct exposure to heat from the blow dryer can lead to dry, frizzy, and damaged hair. Not exactly ideal for a sleek ponytail! 

Brush it Out

Next up, you will need to brush out your hair to get rid of any stray tangles and to ensure that you get the sleekest ponytail possible. A boar bristled hairbrush, a nylon bristle brush, or a wooden paddle brush are great choices for use when blow-drying. The bristles of the boar bristle brush aid with the distribution of the natural oils within your hair, all the way from the root of your hair down to the tips. This effectively creates a super glossy look that will give your ponytail a natural shine. A paddle brush is effective for this look as well as they are great at creating sleek styles for hair thanks to their ability to smooth, polish, and detangle hair. Nylon bristle brushes are able to get through a wide variety of different hair types- even the most voluminous- and they are also incredibly flexible when it comes to detangling, making them another excellent choice. Brush out your hair thoroughly, being sure to remove any and all tangles before you continue. 

Prep Your Hair

If you want to create a sleek ponytail that is going to stay in place for a fair amount of time, you may want to consider using a little bit of hair gel. The gel will give you some extra sleekness, but it will also help to hold everything in place. You might want to consider using some hairspray too, particularly if your hair has a tendency to spring up all over the place. The hairspray will ensure some more hold to maintain the shape of your ponytail. Make sure that your hair is as smooth as you can possibly get it before you move on to the next step. 

Styling and Creating your Ponytail

Now comes the part you have been waiting for: styling your sleek ponytail! There are three different kinds of ponytails that you can opt for: low, medium, and high. We are going to be taking a look at how to create each one of these so that you can choose which style suits you the best. 

How to Do A Sleek Ponytail
How to Do A Sleek Ponytail

The High Ponytail

To get the Ariana Grande high and sleek ponytail look, you will need to pull your hair up as high as possible and start brushing it back. Begin brushing at the center of your head and then continue to brush the sides. The sides are a key area as you will often have little pieces of hair that will fall out of your ponytail in this section. Smooth down any additional kinks and bumps with your hairbrush and tie up your ponytail securely with a hair tie. An elasticated hair tie allows for some extra lift, so opt for one of these if you can. If you want to seamlessly blend the ponytail into your hair, use a hair tie that closely matches the color of your hair. Once your ponytail is tight and tied up, you can always tie a strand of your hair around the hair tie to create an even more stylish look. Take a little piece of your hair out of your ponytail and twist it around the hair tie with a bobby pin to make sure that everything stays in place. For a little extra volume, tease the base of your ponytail and smooth the top and there you have it. The perfect sleek and high ponytail!

The Mid-Length Ponytail 

When it comes to a mid-length ponytail, you can either choose to have a parting or to pull it straight back,  as with the high ponytail. Try out both styles and settle on the one that suits you best and is most comfortable. To achieve a perfectly aligned middle ponytail, you will need to make sure that you get a straight line that starts at your temple. Make this line level with your ponytail and you will have a perfectly level and even mid-length ponytail! 

The Low Ponytail

Low ponytails often have a negative reputation in the beauty industry, with many considering them “boring” or “plain.” This is definitely not the case! A low ponytail may be a somewhat more muted option in comparison to its super high counterpart but it is easily able to be transformed into an elegant hairstyle that is sure to attract just as much attention. A parting works beautifully with a low ponytail, though of course you always have the option to pull it back if you so choose. If you do decide to go with a parting, you’ll need to pick either a central parting or a side one. As with the middle ponytail, this all depends on what style suits you best and which one you are most comfortable with. Add some hairspray or hair gel to smooth down any stray kinks in your hair and tie your hair back into a low ponytail. Escaping hair can be trickier to manage with a low ponytail as it isn’t pulled back particularly tightly as a high ponytail is. To manage this, use bobby pins around the areas where you find the most stray hairs. These can be common around the areas of hair that frame your face and the sides, particularly if they are too short to fit into the main body of the ponytail

The Finishing Touches

Last but not least, add any extra touches to your ponytail that you feel are necessary. If you haven’t sprayed on any hairspray at this point, now is a good time to do so to keep your ponytail secure. This is optional of course, but it is always handy to know your hairstyle isn’t about to fall out of its style at any given moment! A handy finishing tip if you find a fair amount of hairs falling down at your hairline is to utilize the popular makeup technique that is contouring. If you do want to consider hairline contouring, you only need to apply it very lightly. You will only need to focus on the thinner roots of the hair that can be found at the top of your head and at the sides, near your ears. One method of applying said contour is to either use hair makeup or- alternatively- a shade of eyeshadow that matches your hair color. With your chosen contour product, carefully and gently go over the lighter gaps in your hairline -as well as the roots- whilst brushing in the direction towards your ponytail. It is best to do this with a make-up pencil brush to get a subtle look. Once the contour is applied, you can then use an angled brush- and utilize a darker make-up shade with more defined strokes- if you feel that you still need a little more definition. 

Rock that Look!

All that is left to do now is to get out there and rock your sleek ponytail! Whether it is for a family gathering, a party with friends, or just a trip to the store, you are sure to grab some attention with your sleek and sophisticated ponytail hairstyle.