How To Darken Eyebrows

How To Darken Eyebrows

Eyebrows are an essential part of the human face.

They help keep our eyes clear and clean, by preventing sweat, rain, and dirt from getting in them.

They also protect our eyes from the light, so we can see properly.

Eyebrows are also a vital part of our communication system.

Eyebrows enable us to be able to tell what someone is feeling. For example, two raised eyebrows are used to express surprise, whereas one raised eyebrow can mean skepticism.

In addition to the physical uses and benefits of eyebrows, they have become a staple feature in the makeup industry.

The trends involving eyebrows are never-ending, from tiny thin slits to bushy thick brows. The styles are evolving constantly.

As eyebrows are such a focal point on the face, styling them just right and making them noticeable can do wonders for your face!

This may have those who naturally have light eyebrows wondering about the different ways you can make them darker.

This article is going to be going over a few tips and tricks on how you can darken your eyebrows, and many of them don’t involve frequent, pricey trips to the salon!

The Importance Of Eyebrows On The Face

We’ve discussed the benefits eyebrows give to our health, but what about the benefits they have to your overall face?

Just as we choose certain shades of makeup to enhance our skin tone and features, the same goes for brows.

While it used to be about keeping our brows tidy, nowadays, eyebrows can take years off your face, and they can also draw attention away from other facial features you don’t want to be noticed.

Thicker eyebrows can draw attention away from areas you’d rather not be focused on, and thinner brows can accentuate any striking features you may have.

It is all about balance and enhancing what you already have.

The first step before darkening your eyebrows is to shape them in a way that will flatter you the most. You can do this by threading, waxing, or plucking.

To do this, you must determine what face shape you have, as different face shapes will determine what kind of eyebrow shape is going to suit you best.

While this article is going to go over ways you can darken your eyebrows yourself, if you are looking to change their shape, this step should be done by a brow specialist.

They will be able to map out the best shape for you, and can even darken them for you at first, so you have a guide to go by when it comes to doing it yourself!

Guide To Eyebrow And Face Shapes

An aspect that makes us humans unique and beautiful in our own way, is the face-shape we have.

Some people have square faces with very sharp jawlines, while others have more of an oval-shaped face.

Below is a rough guide to eyebrow shapes that suit different face shapes.

  • ‘Round’ face: A soft lifted arch in the eyebrows would suit this face shape, as it will give the illusion of a slimmer jawline and longer face. Avoid rounded eyebrows, as they will only accentuate the rounded features. A longer brow will also make the jawline appear slimmer
  • ‘Square’ face: The aim with a ‘square’ face is to create the illusion of a slimmer jawline, so it is best to avoid straight brows as they will make the face look shorter and more square. Adding a high arch to the brow will lengthen the face, as well as lengthen the brows.
  • Oval face: This shape is ideal for brows, as it will suit many styles. However, in order to flatter the face to the fullest, it is advised to avoid oval brows on an oval face, and you are to keep the contour of the brows soft, so they don’t look too angular.
  • Long face: A long face is usually a rectangular shape and is narrow with deep-set eyes. You want to make this face shape appear wider and shorter. A curved brow shape would flatter the face, as well as keeping them soft and slightly flatter than other shapes. When it comes to the arch, it is better to open this from the bottom of the brow, rather than the top, so it can open up the eyes.
  • ‘Heart-shaped’ face: Heart-shaped faces tend to have a wider forehead and a narrow chin. Choosing a brow shape that will soften the chin and make the forehead narrower is the best way forward. Shorter eyebrows with a slight, soft curve will help to balance the proportions of the face. Keeping the brows close together will draw attention away from the other parts of the face, bringing more attention to the center.

Once you have determined what face shape you have, then your brow stylist can get to work on shaping your eyebrows accordingly.

Are Regular Eyebrow Tints Bad?

How to Darken Eyebrows
Are Regular Eyebrow Tints Bad?

One common way to darken your eyebrows is to dye them. While eyebrow tinting is usually safe, the dyes used aren’t FDA approved.

There is no standard dye out there, so there are a variety of different ones available that may have some preservatives that aren’t regulated.

In California, for example, is it illegal for any professionals in a salon to dye a client’s eyebrows.

The risks come with the skin around the eye area being more sensitive than most, making it more likely to experience allergic reactions and infections.

If you are going to dye your eyebrows, it is recommended you administer a patch test first, in case of any unknown allergies.

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How To Darken Your Brows Naturally

If you have never dyed your eyebrows, and the above factors make you a little nervous, then there are several ways you can darken them naturally!


Henna is a non-oxidative dye that will temporarily dye the hairs on your eyebrows as well as the skin beneath them, giving your brows a full, thick look.

This can be done yourself at home, or by a professional.

However, professionals are less likely to use henna, as the application process can take up to an hour.

If you’re doing it at home, though, this is the perfect time to catch up on that Netflix show, while your henna sets.

Check out this Henna Brow Kit that you can purchase on Amazon.


You probably didn’t know you’ve had a DIY eyebrow darkening method right in front of your eyes!

Simply mix a few tablespoons of ground coffee with some oil or honey. This will create a paste.

Apply this to your wonderfully shaped eyebrows and let it sit for around 20 minutes before rinsing it off.

While this method won’t last as long as henna or conventional dyes, it is a natural quick way that you can darken your eyebrows whenever you feel like it!

Eyeshadow With Castor Oil

Castor oil is loved in the beauty industry for its eyelash and eyebrow strengthening properties.

It is also good for hydrating the brows, so mixing this with an eyeshadow that’s a few shades darker than your eyebrow color, will create your very own DIY eyebrow tint!

Use a little eyebrow brush to apply it to your brows, carefully following your shape, and ta-da!

Good Ol’ Eyebrow Pencil

If dying your eyebrows sounds a little scary, then you can just level up on your eyebrow pencil game.

You can experiment by using a few different shades, making sure they are darker than your natural color.

The best thing is this will be able to be washed off at the end of the day, giving you another chance to try again if you didn’t get it right.

If you have lighter brows, then you can use a pencil that is a few shades darker than your natural hair color.

If you’ve got dark brows, then find one that matches your hair color.

For those with more of a warm skin tone, then a cooler shade of eyebrow pencil will help balance the tones in your face.

If you’ve got some red hues in your brows, then a neutral-toned eyebrow pencil will blend in nicely.

Final Thoughts

Eyebrows are a very important facial feature, and ensuring you have them shaped in a way that suits your face can really make a difference.

Making them darker can also add a tidied-up element to your look, so whether you choose to experiment with different pencils, or fancy using up that old coffee you grew tired of, you can make your eyebrows darker and a more prominent part of your face.