How To Blow Dry Curtain Bangs

How To Blow Dry Curtain Bangs

Hair styles come into fashion and go out of fashion all the time. There’s always a new trend to follow whether it’s balayage, moneypiece highlights or bleached roots, we’ve seen it all. 

One of the current trends that is making waves in the hair industry are ‘curtain bangs’. So, what are curtain bangs, how do we get them and how can you blow dry curtain bangs to give yourself that gorgeous goddess look? Let’s find out.

What are curtain bangs? 

Curtain bangs, also known as fringe bangs are a low maintenance kind of bangs that frame the face perfectly. Instead of a blunt cut fringe or normal bangs, this style is parted down the middle, and the face is framed on both sides with longer bangs to the sides. 

Most of the time, curtain bangs will be textured and longer so that they flow and blend into the rest of your hair effortlessly, for a cool, beachy and low maintenance look.

This is not the first time we’ve seen curtain bangs, as they were actually incredibly popular in the 1970s, where the fringe or bangs is styled with a part down the middle, and long, wispy soft pieces of hair down the sides of the face for a laid back look.

The best thing about curtain bangs is that they really do look good on everyone. Whether you have straight, curly, wavy or textured hair, curtain bangs can really bring out your features.

Of course, there are other styles of bangs as well. For all you need to know about side bangs, click here.

How to get curtain bangs

If you’re ready for curtain bangs yourself, then it may be time to book an appointment with your hairstylist. Curtain bangs can be very tricky, as you need them to sit perfectly at the sides of your face to frame your face shape just right. 

They need to open up the face rather than sit too high up the face, as this can be too blunt, and you may struggle to do this yourself. In addition, you’ll need to blend them in with the rest of your hair which is best left to a professional hair stylist.

If you’re a hair stylist hoping to add this look to your repertoire of services, then check out this video from ElleBangs on YouTube to see how to cut the perfect curtain bangs:

How to blow dry curtain bangs

Once you’ve got your own curtain bangs, you may be wondering how you’re meant to blow dry them. You were promised easy, simple low maintenance, but when you leave curtain bangs to air dry, you may look like you’ve got two curly fries coming out of your head, which probably isn’t the look you were trying to achieve. So, you’ll need to blow dry them if you want that perfect sweeping effect. 

However, you cannot just dry the bangs with a hair dryer and hope for the best. There is a technique that you’ll need to get down if you want those beautiful bangs to work out.

The first thing you should know is that the bangs need to be styled first. This is because they can dry quickly, and once they’ve air dried whilst you’ve been blow drying the rest of your hair, it’s game over.

To blow dry the curtain bands, you will need to invest in a good barrel brush. Then, with your brush at the ready, you’ll want to separate the curtain bangs into a triangle section at the front of your forehead. You can use your outer brow as a guide for where the widest part of the triangle sits. 

Now, you’ll need to blow dry the roots of the curtain bangs with your barrel brush and a hair dryer from the left towards the right and vice versa on the other side. You’ll want to curl the barrel brush through the ends, and bend them around the brush to get that sweeping effect. 

So, hold the brush tight at the roots of the bangs, blowing with the hair dryer, and pull it through to the ends, curling it in at the end so that you get that soft sweep. And that’s all it takes! You’ll have salon quality curtain bangs in just a few seconds. Once you’ve dried your curtain bangs fully, you can move on and style the rest of the hair. 

How To Blow Dry Curtain Bangs
How To Blow Dry Curtain Bangs

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How to blow dry curtain bangs – video tutorial

If you’re more of a visual learner, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too. Check out this simple tutorial of how to dry curtain bangs from Free Salon Education: as you can see some alternative ways to style different types of curtain bangs.

Things you need to style curtain bangs

As a rule of thumb, you’ll need to have the right barrel brush if you want those perfect curtain bangs. What this means is that the shorter the bangs, the smaller the brush, and the longer the bangs, then the bigger the brush. 

We recommend that you try choosing a barrel brush that is large enough or small enough to style your bangs with ease. Don’t worry, we’ve found some to suit everyone. 

Large Barrel Brush 

Round Brush, Nano Thermal Ceramic & Ionic Tech Hair Brush, Round Barrel Brush with Boar Bristles, Enhance Texture for Hair Drying, Styling, Curling and Shine (Barrel 2.1 inch) + 4 Free Clips by AIMIKE
  • Nano thermal ceramic ionic technology: Our round brush will add endless shine and blaze on your hair every time you use. Enhance the looks of your hair, improve texture and reduce brittle hair and split ends! It helps reduce frizz and add shine. Cuticles are sealed, producing a smooth, soft texture from roots to ends. It creates loose curls and waves in medium to long hair and helps straighten and add volume to shorter and medium styles.
  • With boar bristle: Human scalp produces oil called sebum which acts as a protector for hair. The boar bristles help to spread this sebum around to lubricate each of your hair strands which reduces frizz. For Smooth Finishing and Quick Drying. Enhances Shine with Boar Bristles.
  • 2.1 inch Round barrel: Large round shape creates volume and curl shine with boar bristles. Anti-static, vented ceramic barrel helps heats up faster and retains heat longer; Extra large vents in the barrel great for airflow, which reduces drying time,adds more shine while eliminating frizz and flyaways. Perfect for medium-long hair drying and styling.
  • Ergonomic handle design, comfortable and non slip: No more slippery handles, no more hand fatigue. Our round barrel thermal hair brush is equipped with an ergonomic and humanized palm shape handle. Its anti-slip rubber design ensures easy and hassle free use!
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Medium Barrel Brush

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  • 【Shorten Blow Dry Time】-- Vented aluminum barrel with ceramic coating allows maximum airflow from your blow dryer, evenly distribute heat and smoothes hair from the inside out. This feature helps to reduce the drying time significantly and improves the finish on the hair. Shorten your hair’s exposure to heat helping to avoid damage.
  • 【Nano Ceramic Ionic Tech for Healthy Hair】-- This round brush isn't electrical. It can emits negative ions when using with blow dryer, which will seal the cuticles and protect the hair, reducing dryness and permitting the strands to be soft and healthy. The boar bristles are great for distributing natural oils in the hair and scalp to make it more shiny, while the nylon bristles are good for detangling.
  • 【Add Volume & Less Frizz】-- The AIMIKE Medium Round Brush is exactly what you need to achieve extra volume, soft curls and smooth, sleek hair. The 1.7 inch barrel (2.9 Inch including bristles) is ideal for straigthening, curling in short and medium-length hairstyles. Ion charged, anti-static bristles feel great on the scalp, while smoothing frizzy hair.
  • 【Capless Barrel and Seamless Handle for Snag Free Styling】-- This round brush was designed to be snag free starting with the capless barrel. With no cap on the barrel, there will be no chance for hair to snag during styling. The upgraded ergonomic handle is seamless, allows no hair to catch and pull. Retractable section pin at bottom is great to separate hair and create parts easily.
  • 【Thoughtful Styling Set】-- Our round brush comes with 4pcs professional sectioning hair clips. Very useful for styling as well as blow drying. With this wonderful set you can enjoy a salon-like blowout and sleek hairstyle convenience at home. Ideal gift for yourself, family, friends, and someone in your heart !

Small Barrel Brush

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  • PROTECT YOUR HAIR & AVOID DAMAGE: Treat your hair with nothing but respect when picking your hair brushes and styling products. Its boar bristles protect your hair from damage. Emitting negative ions, our hair brush glides through your hair in seconds.
  • 1 INCH SMALL BARREL & 2.25 INCH WITH BRISTLES : Aluminum round barrel with ceramic coating and faster heat conduction, honeycomb design conducive to the flow of air to reduce the drying time.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE HANDLE: This hair brushes grip is ergonomically designed, lightweight with comfortable in the hand.
  • CONVENIENT TO STYLING AT HOME: Good for women and men thick,thin, straight, curly short and long hair. You can enjoy the salon quality at home without going out.

Extra Large Barrel Brush


To summarize, curtain bangs are the hottest hair trend at the moment. They perfectly frame the face, without having to make the commitment of full-on straight bangs that take forever to grow out. But, what’s the use of having the ultimate low maintenance bangs if you don’t know how to style them? With our guide, you’ll know exactly how to blow dry your bangs, what brushes and tools you need and the technique to get it right every time. 

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