How To Bleach Hair Without Bleach

How to bleach hair without bleach

Sometimes, we all just want lighter, brighter hair. 

Bleaching the hair is the easiest way, and most obvious method, to lighten your hair. The problem with bleach, however, is that it is incredibly damaging.

There are countless articles and videos showing how damaging bleach can be. Even those committed to the platinum blonde look will be the first to scream the difficulties of bleaching hair.

It’s a high-maintenance lifestyle, and it isn’t for everyone. 

Likewise, bleach is not possible for every hair type. Some people have hair more susceptible to breakage, while others have hair pre-damaged, and some have scalp issues, which makes using bleach uncomfortable.

If you still want to use bleach after reading this article, then we would advise that you make a consultation with a hairstylist. They will minimize the damaging effects of bleach, which will lower the likelihood of breakage. 

If you want to learn how to lighten your hair, without actually using ‘bleach’, then continue reading our article. We discuss natural and easy methods to bleach the hair, which will lighten your locks. 

How To Naturally Bleach The Hair 

How To Bleach Hair Without Bleach

Below, are four great ways to naturally bleach your hair. These methods are great if you cannot go to a hair salon, but would like to lighten your hair.

They’re much safer than using bleach at home and will result in far less damage to your hair. 

You should note that these methods will likely not take you to a bleach blonde, but they will make your hair a few shades lighter, and with continued use, your hair will be a lot lighter than when you started the process. 


The most obvious, and natural, method of bleaching your hair is by sitting in the sunshine. 

You’ve probably noticed that in the summer months, everyone has lighter hair. 

That’s not by chance, that’s due to a chemical reaction. The sun rays mix with oxygen, and this causes a chemical reaction in the natural pigmentation of the hair (known as melanin).

This process makes hair look lighter, and is the reason everyone’s locks look lighter in the summer. 

The best way to utilize the sun rays is to spend a couple of hours, every day, in the sunshine.

Avoid wearing a hat (unless the sun is extreme, in which case, health should be put first), and the sun will, naturally, lighten your hair. 

Lemon Juice (Plus Sunshine) 

One way of bleaching your hair, without having to use bleach, is to use the natural rays of the sun, combined with lemon juice. 

The method is pretty easy, and it’s surprisingly effective. 

This is because lemon juice is an oxidizing agent. Bleach is also an oxidizing agent but on a much higher scale. The acidic nature of lemon juice will reduce hair pigmentation, which will make the hair appear much lighter. 

This technique will only truly work if you have the heat of the sun because the combination of the lemon juice, and the sun rays, will result in the hair cuticles opening and the pigmentation lowering. 

It’s incredibly simple and is an easy way of lightening the hair. You should, however, be warned that lemon juice and sunlight, combined, can be incredibly drying on the hair.

This means you should make sure that you condition your hair well when you wash it, as your hair can get very brittle from the lightning process. 

To create this lemon juice mixture, all you need is one-part lemon juice and two-parts water. Mix this combination together, and apply it to your hair, before you go in the sun.

Ideally, you should be in the sunlight for a couple of hours. 

Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple cider vinegar is the answer to many of life’s mysteries, including how to lighten your hair, without using bleach. 

So, the reason that apple cider vinegar works to lighten hair, is because apple cider vinegar can balance the pH levels of the hair.

As apple cider vinegar is acidic, it will lightly lighten the hair, by means of removing any unwanted dirt and oils on the hair. 

It’s pretty easy to make. All you need to do is combine one part apple cider vinegar, with five parts water.

It’s critical that you make sure that the apple cider vinegar is diluted, otherwise it can be very uncomfortable on the scalp. 

You should apply this mixture after you shampoo your hair, but before you condition your hair. You just need to leave it on your hair for around one minute and then rinse your hair.

Continue with applying conditioner, and your hair is ready to go! 

Make Your Own Saltwater 

Have you ever noticed that when you go to the beach, your hair gets lighter? 

That’s due to the combination of fresh saltwater, and sunlight. Saltwater can be incredibly lightning, because salt and keratin (found in hair) chemically react, which can cause hair to lighten. 

It’s a very easy way to make your hair lighter, and it’s a very summery smell. 

All you need to do is mix one tablespoon of sea salt with half a cup of warm water. This solution should be applied evenly to the hair. Ideally, your hair should soak in this solution for around twenty minutes.

You should also try to sit in the sunshine, as that’s what will really cause the hair to lighten. 

After twenty minutes, make sure to rinse all the saltwater solution out of your hair. Saltwater can make the hair very dry, so make sure that you condition the hair well after using any type of saltwater product. 

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Why Shouldn’t I Use Proper Bleach?

You can use proper bleach on your hair, and this article is not designed to sway you from your own decisions.

However, we are providing safe, natural, and effective methods to lighten hair, for those who do not want to use bleach or cannot use bleach. 

Bleaching hair is not ideal for everyone. In many cases, bleached hair causes breakage and irreversible damage.

While going to a hairstylist will minimize the chances of any hair damage, your hairstylist will be the first to tell you, that your hair still could break.

That’s just how bleach works, no one can totally predict the way it will react with your hair type. 

So, if you do not want to use ‘proper’ bleach, then there are still easy and affordable ways to get your hair lighter. 


So, bleaching your hair without using bleach is actually quite easy. All the ingredients required are available from a supermarket, and they’re also ingredients that most people have in their cupboards.

You should be aware that these processes will not have the same effect as bleached, but used continuously you will notice a big difference in the shade of your hair.