How To Apply Bronzer And Blush

How To Apply Bronzer And Blush

Are you curious about applying blush and bronzer but don’t know where to start?

Perhaps you are looking to incorporate some new techniques into your makeup routine?

Or maybe you are curious and want to know more?

Whatever your reason might be, we have the answer for you!

Bronzer and blush have exploded in popularity recently. From makeup tutorials online to Instagram filters, we are all lusting over defined cheeks and pink noses.

But achieving these looks can be challenging, and leaves many of us with muddle cheeks and Fuschia noses – not a cute look!

We search and search for answers, but come up short every time. We are stressed and frustrated, unsure where to turn or who to trust.

We resign ourselves to a life of improper blush and bronzer application.

Well, no more! We are here today with the answers you need!

Keep reading to find out how to apply bronzer and blush to achieve your makeup goals.

How To Apply Bronzer And Blush

Let’s get straight into it!

There are lots of different ways we can apply bronzer and blush that will not only bring color to our face but add definition and sculpt our cheekbones too.

And with so many of us having different face shapes and styles, it’s incredibly difficult to write one article with every single answer packed inside.

So today, we offer you instead, a bronzer and blush look that should suit most face shapes.

Here we will add color to your cheeks and face, to give you a sun-kissed and flushed look without the need for the sun!

Don’t forget, you can check out plenty of tutorials online.

There is a method to suit everyone, so if you are a beginner or an experienced makeup user, there is a tutorial out there for you!

But without further ado, let’s look at how we can apply bronzer and blush today.

Start With Skincare

It is no secret that the best makeup looks start with an excellent skincare routine.

Now, each routine will vary depending on your skin type and any conditions that you have, so be sure that you spend some time ensuring that your routine is correct for you.

You can have as little or as many products as you would like, but we recommend a good gentle cleanser, some serum, eye cream, and moisturizer.

You should purchase ones for dry, oily, or combination skin depending on your type, and apply a light layer of each product.

Be sure to follow the instructions on the product for the best results.

Apply Primer

Before any make-up product touches your face, you will want a primer!

A primer acts as a barrier between the skin and your makeup, helping it last longer and apply more evenly.

There are plenty of primers to choose from depending on your skin.

You can choose from pore-refining, hydrating, brightening, and mattifying primers.

We like a brightening or glowing primer in the summer to heighten the sun-kissed look!

Those with oily skin should opt for mattifying primers to help prevent shine and keep their makeup on all day.

Apply the primer in line with the advice on the bottle.

Apply Your Base (Optional)

Apply Your Base (Optional)

Now, you don’t have to do this step, but we thought it was best to include it! If you want, you can apply a foundation and concealer to your face.

If you don’t often wear this you can skip the step, but for those going for a full-face look, or want more coverage, this is a step you will want to include!

Start with a thin layer of foundation and apply with a brush or sponge. Dab the sponge or buff the product using the brush.

Once you have achieved the coverage you want, you can add concealer to your undereye or any spots, or apply a powder to set the foundation.

Those with oily skin should use a mattifying powder to help keep their foundation on all day. Again, there will be directions that you can follow on the packaging.

Apply Your Bronzer

Now, the time has come for your bronzer! Take a bronzer brush and swirl it into the bronzer.

You don’t need much, so be sure to use a light hand and tap off any excess. Next, take the brush and sweep it in an upward motion across your cheekbone.

Move the brush right the way up to the edge of your face and repeat to blend the product out.

Here it is better to go in with less and add to it if you wish, rather than spend ages blending out a dark and heavy color!

Keep blending until you are satisfied with the result.

Then, add more product to the brush and do the same to your temples and across the top of your forehead.

The goal here is to warm the skin anywhere that the sun would naturally warm.

You can also contour if you select a cool-toned bronzer.

With this, you can run the cool tone in the hollow of your cheeks, down the side of your nose, or jawline to create a more chiseled look.

You will want to take care here and blend thoroughly to avoid any harsh lines.

Add Blush

To complete your look, you can apply your blush. Take a smaller, fluffier blush and swirl it into your blush.

Once again, tap the excess off to avoid loading too much color to your face.

Here you can choose to apply the blush directly to the apples of your cheeks (smile when doing this), or just above the bronzer on your cheeks, sweep the blush upwards.

Doing so can help to define your face and give you the snatched, Kardashian-esque look.

Continue to blend until the product is soft and looks subtle.

Take any excess and apply it to the tip and bridge of your nose, blending as you do.

This gives you the cute, flushed nose we see on Instagram filters and Disney princesses. You don’t need to do this step, but it is one worth trying.

If any of your bronzer or blush has been applied too thickly, you can take your foundation brush or sponge and dab over it lightly.

This will take some of the colors out and give you a more subtle bronzer and blush look.


If you have followed the instructions above carefully, you should now have a perfectly paired bronzer and blush and should achieve a natural, airbrushed look.

It’s important to choose the correct shade of makeup products for your natural skin tone and to apply makeup gently and lightly across your face to avoid any odd-looking colors or uneven coverage.

You can ask makeup specialists at department stores for expert advice on how to apply makeup and which makeup to use for your skin tone.