Does Permanent Hair Color Fade?

Does Permanent Hair Color Fade

The first couple of days after you get your hair dyed, your hair is glowing. It’s bold, shiny, and the perfect color.

Everyone loves rich and glossy hair, and we all want our lustrous hair color to last.

Whether it’s a deep chocolate brown, a bright blonde, or a powerful red shade – when you get your hair freshly dyed, your hair looks immaculate, and you feel great.

Eventually, you notice that your hair starts to look duller.

The color is not as bright, the hair is not as shiny, and it no longer looks as healthy as it originally did.

What gives? You used a permanent hair color, so why is your hair fading?

Well, permanent hair does unfortunately fade.

While you can’t make your permanent hair color last forever (ironically), there are a couple of tricks that will keep your hair looking brighter and fresher, for longer.

What Is Permanent Hair Dye?

Permanent hair dye is exactly what the name suggests, a permanent dye for the hair.

It’s called permanent hair dye because it lasts much longer than other types of hair dye, such as temporary and semi-permanent hair dyes.

Permanent hair dye is designed to last for a fairly long time, especially in comparison to other types of hair dye.

The reason permanent hair dye lasts for longer is that the dye can penetrate the hair strands more, which means that the color will stay in the hair for longer.

Generally speaking, permanent hair dye should stay vivid for 6-8 weeks.

After this time, the roots start to grow out, which creates an unbalance of color.

Likewise, there are factors that can make the permanent hair dye fade faster.

As a result, permanent hair dye does not last, but the amount of time permanent hair dye stays vivid will depend on the individual.

Below, we will discuss more factors that can influence permanent hair color from fading.

From this, you will be able to see why some individuals keep their hair color for longer, and why for other individuals, the hair color fades much quicker.

What Can Make A Permanent Hair Color Fade?

So, as we already stated, within 6-8 weeks, your roots will start to grow.

As it will be a different shade from the permanent hair color, it will look unbalanced, or – it simply won’t look as fresh as before.

Roots growing out is not bad, in fact, some people love having roots. For others, though, it can make their hair look dull, a look that everyone wants to avoid.

Hair dye is also soluble in water, which means that every time you wash your hair, the molecules in the dye start to dissolve.

When these molecules dissolve, it takes away the color that was painted on. This is why your hair will gradually fade.

Those who wash their hair daily will experience a greater loss of color, compared to someone who only washed their hair two, or three times a week.

While it might not be what you’re used to, try using dry shampoo instead of washing your hair daily, in order to preserve the color of your hair.

Plus, you should also consider what type of climate you live in. If you live in a cloudy climate, your hair will stay vibrant for longer.

However, if you live in a sunny and warm climate, your hair is going to fade quicker.

This is because the sun lightens hair, and is actually pretty effective at doing so.

However, given you just dyed your hair a new shade, it’s unlikely that you’re going to want to make that color fade (unless you hate it).

To avoid damage from the sun, you should make sure to wear a hat when you are outside.

You don’t have to avoid the sun, just don’t let your hair directly be in the sunlight.

How Can I Make My Permanent Color Last Longer?

Does Permanent Hair Color Fade?
How Can I Make My Permanent Color Last Longer

As you know by now, you cannot stop your permanent hair color from fading. With that said, you can slow down the fading process.

Limit Washing And Sunshine

One obvious way to slow this process down is to limit the number of times you wash your hair.

If you can wash your hair only once a week, your hair will stay more vibrant for a much longer time.

However, very few people can wash their hair only once a week, so aim for two to three times a week, if you experience greasy hair.

As we already stated, when you’re in the sunshine – make sure that you wear a hat.

This will stop the damaging rays of the sun from lightening your hair.

Shampoo And Conditioner For Colored Hair

Another great way of making your permanent color last longer is investing in shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for colored hair.

The formulator inside of shampoo and conditioner will be designed to protect the hair from fading, and give the hair added shine.

You should also stay away from any clarifying shampoo because that will make the color of your hair fade much faster than any other type of shampoo.

If you need to use a clarifying shampoo, do not use it more than once a week.

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Hydrated Hair

Likewise, you’re going to want to make sure that your hair remains hydrated. If your hair is brittle and dry, your hair color will look dull and faded.

That’s why it’s super important to use serums that create a healthy and glossy look.

You’d be surprised by the difference that a serum can make, so try to invest in some hair care products to keep your locks healthy.

Heated Styling Tools

Lastly, remember that heat is never good for the hair. This is because heat makes hair dehydrated, which will make hair dry, and look dull.

Also, an excessive amount of heat is damaging and will result in unhealthy hair.

Try to limit the number of heated styling tools you use, and if you have to use any heat, make sure that you use a heat protector.

This is incredibly essential because it’ll help protect your hair from dehydration, and keep the strands protected from damage.

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Permanent hair color will fade, but there are steps you can take that will slow down the fading process.

By limiting the number of times you wash your hair, using the right hair products, and keeping your hair out of the sunshine, you can keep your hair looking fresh and vibrant for longer.