Does Mane And Tail Help Hair Grow?

Does Mane And Tail Help Hair Grow (2)

Horses are beautiful and majestic animals, and one notable feature responsible for their beauty is their hair.

Horse owners spend a great deal of time grooming their horses and taking care of their hair, which requires special shampoo. 

Shampoos and conditioners aimed at horses have even moved past the equestrian lines, and have made their way to human hands, with many people claiming they have given them shiny, longer hair. 

Mane ‘n Tail is a brand of horse shampoo and conditioner that has started being used on human hair.

It is said that horse hair requires certain nutrients and ingredients from cleaning products for it to be healthy, and human hair can benefit from these also! 

What Is In Mane ‘n Tail? 

It’s always important to check the ingredients in shampoo and conditioners, to see if they will add any benefits to your hair.

One of the most beneficial and significant ingredients in Mane ‘n Tail is keratin. This is a natural protein that is found in the hair shaft, but it breaks down due to heat damage, color treatments, and age. 

By including keratin in shampoos, they enable your hair to regain its strength and be less prone to breakage. 

Mane ‘n Tail also includes avocado oils, sunflower oils, and olive oils which will add smoothness to the hair and will add moisture to the cuticles.

Some of their formulas also include benzalkonium chloride, which is an antimicrobial ingredient that helps to get rid of any yeast that contributes to hair problems. 

Benefits Of Mane ‘n Tail 

The ingredients used in the formula of this shampoo and conditioner are said to bring about an array of benefits for people who have used them.

For example, those who have hair cuticles that are deficient in amino acids could experience some more hair growth due to the keratin used in Mane ‘n Tail. 

The oils used in certain formulas of this shampoo brand can also make the hair appear shinier.

This is also a lathering shampoo, and cleansing your hair with these shampoos can make them appear shinier and cleaner. 

The appearance of shinier, clean hair can also make it look like your hair is thicker.

While there is no magic remedy to transform your hair’s thickness, if your hair is cleaned properly and has appropriate moisture added to it, it can appear thicker and healthier. 

This brand of shampoo is also said to help with oily hair. Some formulas contain pyrithione zinc, which can manage the oil levels in your hair.

However, it is important to note that those who have hair on the drier side should be wary of shampoos that contain this ingredient, as it can strip your hair of its natural oils, causing more dryness. 

How To Use Mane ‘n Tail On Your Hair 

This shampoo and conditioner are to be used in the same way as regular shampoo and conditioners. Some of their conditioners come in a spray bottle that should be left in the hair to dry for more moisture. 

To apply the shampoo correctly, wet your hair thoroughly, and apply around a teaspoon amount onto your hair.

Does Mane And Tail Help Hair Grow?

Massage it into your scalp until it lathers and rinse it out fully. Apply the same amount of conditioner to your hair, beginning with the ends, and work your way up to the roots. 

If you’re prone to tangled hair, run a wide comb through your hair, so the conditioner can coat your strands evenly. Leave it in for a minute or so, and then rinse thoroughly. 

If you are using the spray, leave-in conditioner, after you have rinsed out the shampoo, spray the conditioner on your hair and comb through your strands with a wide-toothed comb.

This will make sure there is an even application. 

What Are People Saying About Mane ‘n Tail? 

Many people who used this shampoo and conditioner have praised it, claiming that it has kept their hair looking healthy and clean.

Others stated that it tamed their rough-style hair, making it tangle-free and healthy. 

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Does It Actually Make Your Hair Grow? 

While there were some people who found some increased hair growth after using this shampoo and conditioner, most reviews praised it for its smooth and silky results, which is still a great bonus! 

What can contribute to hair growth when using this product, is its ability to repair split ends.

When people experience no hair growth past a certain length, it could be because their split ends are breaking off when they reach a certain point. Mane ‘n Tail can help repair split ends, ensuring that they can grow.  

Despite the good reviews, there were some customers who claimed that their hair dried up after using it.

It is important to note that those with undamaged hair do not need to use keratin products. This can lead to an excess amount of protein on the hair, making it dull and brittle. 


Are There Any Side Effects Of Using Mane ‘n Tail? 

While this shampoo may work wonders on some people, it is intended for horses. This means that it could lead to dryness in some people.

If your hair does not need extra keratin, this could make your hair frizzy, especially if you have naturally curly hair. 

How Often Should You Use Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo? 

While Mane ‘n Tail shampoos and conditioners are safe for daily use, too much shampooing can dry your hair out. Whatever hair schedule you choose will depend on your individual hair requires.

It is important to allow the natural hair oils to do their work on your hair, and shampooing your hair every day won’t allow for this to happen. 

Some people have an every other day schedule, while others shampoo their hair just once a week! It is best to experiment and find what works best for you. 

Final Thoughts 

Mane ‘n Tail shampoo and conditioner has really made a name for itself, with many people praising the benefits it has for your hair, at such a reasonable price compared to other shampoo and conditioner brands. 

While it may not work wonders on those who don’t have damaged hair, there are many reviews out there stating it can improve oily, and dull hair that is prone to breakage and tangling.

Mane ‘n Tail has grown to a level where they have been able to release a variety of formulas, enabling them to meet various hair needs.

If you’re looking for a new shampoo to try, give this one a shot, it may work wonders for your locks! 

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