Does Isle Of Paradise Stain Sheets?

Does Isle of Paradise Stain Sheets (3)

When it comes to applying fake tan, the last thing we want is every single thing that we touch to become the same color as our skin.

This has become the norm over the past few decades, with many of us spending time attempting not to touch anything whilst the tan solution develops and dries upon our skin.

That was until the likes of Isle of Paradise came along with their clear tanning products.

Not only do they look like water, but the product does not rub off onto anything and cause color. This includes the sheets. How many times have you gone to bed and found tanning stains upon the sheets by morning?

Yeah, us too!

The Isle of Paradise has shown us that we can apply fake tan and get on with our day or night whilst it develops into a golden glow.

So, without further ado, let us take a look at the Tanning Water in more detail. 

What Is Tanning Water?

The Isle of Paradise has created a line of tanning water that is available as a serum or a spray, for both the face and body.

The serum is a highly concentrated formula that needs to be added to a moisturizer, whilst the spray can be used directly onto the skin and then massaged with a tanning mitt.

Both of these products do not transfer any color due to not including any bronzers, yet they work efficiently to create a golden tan. 

In fact, there are also plenty of skin nourishing benefits to each of the fake tans such as avocado oils, grapefruit, and chia seeds to help brighten and hydrate the skin. 

How Does The Isle Of Paradise Water Tanning Work?

The Isle of Paradise Water Tanning solution works by including color correcting actives such as peach to cancel out certain color tones like red to make sure that the tan creates the color it is supposed to upon the skin.

The selected ingredients also help to brighten and even out the skin tone to create a healthier looking appearance, as well as making sure the tan lasts for a long time without streaking or stains. 

What Is the Guide Color In A Fake Tan?

Does Isle of Paradise Stain Sheets

Normally at home tanners include a guide color within their product, so you know what the final tanned color will look like.

When applied to the skin it might look a little scary, but it helps you figure out what areas you have missed – plus, it does wash off in the shower.

The Isle of Paradise have skipped this step to avoid the guide color staining sheets and other household items and clothes.

Whilst this is a plus point, it can also be nerve wracking for those who have never fake tanned before, and are worried about missing areas of the skin or over tanning limbs.

Applying Isle of Paradise Tanning Water Yourself

Even though it is much easier to pay a professional to give you a fake tan, it is a lot friendlier on the wallet if you do it yourself.

If you think you cannot achieve professional results, think again. 

With the likes of the Isle of Paradise Tanning Water spray and drops, you are able to apply self-tan with confidence, as well as make it look like you have recently been somewhere warm.

So, to achieve glowing skin, follow these simple application tips!

Step 1: Prepare The Skin

Before you can even think about applying fake tan, you will want to make sure that your skin is smooth and ready so that the tanning product can be applied evenly. 

The day before the ‘big day’, take a bath or shower and exfoliate the skin with a scrub or brush – basically however you like to do it.

If you need to wax, do this a few days in advance. If you need to shave, do it now.

Be prepared not to remove hair for a few days, so if you like those legs hair-free, you might want to consider a wax to let the legs stay hairless for longer.

Step 2: On The Day Of Tanning

Take a shower to clean the skin, and then do not add any products such as a moisturizer. You will want to keep the base of your skin free from other oils, so the tan can be applied evenly. 

As stated in the first step, you should be at a point where you are hair-free where you want to be, as on the day of tanning is not the right time to do it. 

Step 3: Tanning The Body

A tanning mitt is the best way to apply fake tan as it provides an even base to rub it onto the skin helping to avoid streaking.

You can also purchase special back mitts and brushes to apply hard to reach areas such as your back. 

However, whilst that is the best option, if you plan to use the Isle of Paradise drops, then you will need to use your hands to apply it alongside moisturizer. 

Apply 2 to 12 tanning water drops into around half a teaspoon of moisturizer and mix together. Do this for each area of skin and massage well. If you want a deeper tan, go for the 10 to 12 drops. 

For the spray version, saturate your skin with the tanning water and blend with the mitt. 

Do not forget areas such as the elbows, hands and ankles, and blend as much as you can to avoid any marks and streaks where the tanner suddenly stops on the skin. 

Wash your hands thoroughly after to avoid any fake tan streaks on your palms and fingers. 

Step 4: Wait And Be Patient

At first, you will not see any changes, but give it a few hours (4 to 6 hours plus) and you are likely to see the beginning of a golden glow.

Final Words

Fake tanning has come a long way since the days when it was a completely messy affair. Now you can add clear fake tan and go about your day as it develops to create a beautiful golden glow.

The Isle of Paradise has created a line of Tanning Water that does not cause any stains whatsoever.

This means that you can go straight to sleep or put clothes on without the fear that there will be stains on the fabric within a few hours.

Not only does this mean not having to clean everything you touch, but it will give you peace of mind too knowing that you do not have to stand around and wait as the tan dries and develops. 

However, having no color guide included in the product can be daunting for those who are first-time tanners, or just generally want to make sure that they do not miss an area of the skin by mistake.

Tanning water is a great product to use if you are in a rush, and can still be applied well without the need of a color guide.

But ultimately it is up to you to decide whether you need extra guidance when it comes to applying the tan. One thing is for sure though, Isle of Paradise has created an easy-to-use tan that is still great for self-tanning newbies.

If Isle of Paradise isn’t your favorite brand, check out b. tan products.