Can You Wear Makeup After A Facial?

Can You Wear Makeup After A Facial

Facial skincare has become very popular over the last decade, and it only looks set to stay that way.

Many women spend hours every week pampering their faces with various products and treatments as part of their skincare routine.

One of these treatments is going for a professional facial.

It can involve using a number of different tools and techniques to thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and tone the skin on the face and neck.

While it has deeply cleansed the skin, some women might want to know if they can wear makeup immediately after a facial.

Whilst others might prefer to wait a few days, so they can give their skin time to recover from the procedure.

Whilst it might seem like a difficult decision to make, fortunately you do not have to make a choice whether you want to feel fresh or look refreshed – you can wear makeup after a facial.

If it is something you are wanting to do, then here are some tips to make sure your facial is worth it despite covering it with makeup.

Should You Wear Makeup After A Facial?

Whilst the answer is yes, there are limitations, so you could also say that the answer is no.

It all depends on what makeup you want to wear, and how soon after the facial you want to wear it.

Firstly, the facial will have opened up the pores on your skin to allow the products to be absorbed better.

If you then apply foundation for example, you are letting the makeup sink into them to potentially cause a breakout or irritation.

The makeup itself might not be the issue either, as it could be the bacteria and old makeup left on the brushes that cause the issues.

If you plan on wearing makeup after an expensive facial, always clean your makeup applicators and brushes.

This also includes your fingers too, as they can carry bacteria onto your face if you are applying makeup with them.

How To Wear Makeup After A Facial

Whilst it is best to wait until the pores are closed before you begin wearing makeup, there are ways to wear it as soon as the facial is over without disrupting the healing process, or adding bacteria to a deeply cleansed face.

Whilst it is ideal to wait until the following day to apply heavy makeup, you can go with something lighter.

Adding mascara, a lip gloss and eyebrow gel will not affect the facial. You can also wear a light layer of mineral powder too if you need to cover any redness.

Try to avoid anything too heavy, like cream foundation and highlighters – anything where it looks like you are ready to hit the bar on a Friday night.

When Not To Wear Makeup After A Facial

When Not To Wear Makeup After A Facial

When it comes to makeup, it all depends on what kind of facial you have had done.

If it involves a chemical peel or anything that makes your skin extra sensitive, then you most certainly will want to avoid makeup – though again, you can add the likes of mascara, for example.

If you have had a facial for acne, then as tempting as it is to wear makeup as soon as you leave the building, you will thank yourself later if you do not apply makeup to the open pores.

It is like adding fuel to the fire! One thing that you can add is an SPF.

It will protect your skin, and some mineral type sun lotions are tinted too, so you might prefer it if you want to add a bit of color without blocking pores.

Do go for a lighter SPF that has been created for the face, as a body SPF will be far too heavy on the face with the potential to cause breakouts.

Other Things You Should Avoid After A Facial

Whilst heavy makeup should be avoided after a facial, there are other things too, such as waxing, steam rooms and picking.

Let us take a look at them in more detail.


Whilst you can go to a professional for a hair removal and a facial, if you plan to remove hair immediately before or after a facial, then it is likely to cause skin problems.

A professional will work under strict rules, whilst you are less likely to.

If you have had a deep exfoliating facial, then waxing or shaving can cause extra exfoliation, meaning the skin will become irritated and burnt-like.

The best thing to do is wait around 48 hours before or after a facial to either schedule in a hair removal appointment, or to do it yourself.


When you have a facial, especially one that includes exfoliation, the new skin that has revealed itself from under the dead skin cells will be extra sensitive to the sunlight.

This means that it will be susceptible to sun damage, and must be protected with a strong SPF.

Sunbathing is an absolute no, no after a facial, so should be avoided completely.

Sunbathing is not generally a great idea anyway, especially seeing as it puts you more at risk of skin cancer, causes wrinkles and melanoma patches, so no matter the time of year, always use an SPF.


If you notice that the aesthetician has ‘missed’ something, then it is highly likely it was left for a reason, such as it was not ready to be removed yet.

This could be a blackhead for example, which many people would want to try to squeeze out themselves.

Because the skin will be extra sensitive after a facial, more damage can be done if you try to remove it yourself.

This can cause permanent scarring, so it is worth leaving it alone and letting the professional do the work at your next appointment.

Steam And Sweat

When you have your facial, you are likely to have been exposed to a lot of steam and heat.

Because of this, your skin will be sensitive and deeply cleansed, and will only become irritated if you decide to sit in a steam room or head to the gym.

The processes of extra sweat and steam could cause discomfort for the skin, as well as broken capillaries which will show up as red marks on the face.

If you are having a spa day and want to sit in the steam room, then do this pre-facial to avoid anything ruining the skin.


When you have a facial, the aesthetician will have used extra strength products which you probably will not find over the counter, and this will mean that you will not need to use retinols and at-home peels and acids for at least 3 days post-facial.

You will see the results from the facial, so it will be worth the wait, even if you feel like you are missing out on your usual skincare routine.

Final Words

Having a facial is a luxurious experience, but it is also a great way to schedule in a deeper clean which you cannot do at home.

Whilst many of us feel the comfort of wearing makeup, it might seem daunting not to wear any post-facial, especially if you have been left with a red face.

Or maybe you have scheduled the facial on the day of an event, and want to know how much makeup you can wear?

The good news is, you can wear makeup, but you just have to wear less on the skin to avoid breakouts and irritation.

So to put it simply, makeup can be worn immediately after a facial – just remember to take care of your post-facial skin whilst doing so.